Coach Tressel’s Winners Manual off to a Quick Start

The publicity tour for Jim Tressel’s The Winners Manual is officially underway (even though the book doesn’t officially release until July 15). The local Ohio newspaper outlets really got things off to a great start this weekend with some advance publicity for the book (Tressel’s book explores far more than football, Tressel’s Advice In High Demand, Tressel’s Book a Success, Want to be a “Winner”? Take the Tressel philosophy quiz, Tressel writes ‘Winners Manual’). Buckeye Nation definitely took notice as the book rocketed up the online retail rankings, already reaching No. 25 on Barnes & Noble on Sunday and the top 200 on Amazon earlier today.

As for B&N and Amazon rankings, high rankings don’t necessarily equate to huge book sales but it certainly gives you an idea about momentum, and there seems to be a lot of interest in The Winners Manual. When it was among the top 25 books on B&N it was among books written by Tim Russert, James Patterson and Jodi Picoult. Elite company.

While Coach Tressel could be vacationing prior to the start of training camp rather than spending time publicizing his book, he is fully committed to this project. Monday morning at 8:15 ET he did an interview for Dan Patrick’s nationally syndicated radio program. Dan was recently placed on the studio team for NBC’s Sunday night NFL and is a Dayton grad and Ohio native.

This afternoon at 1:15 PM ET Coach Tressel hosted a press conference at the Les Wexner football complex to talk about The Winners Manual. About 30-40 members of Ohio area media were present, including about 7 or 8 TV stations from throughout the state.

I can’t thank Shelly Poe at Ohio State for all of her help. Shelly handles all of the media relations for the OSU football program and does just an incredible job in a very demanding media market. Shelly came to Ohio State from West Virginia where she worked with head football coach Rich Rodriguez, the new head coach at Michigan, OSU’s bitter rival. We are looking for Shelly’s book next. She — although still quite young- is somewhat a legend in sports media relations because she’s just really good at what she does.

The press conference was well organized and opened with a representative from the OSU library, to whom Coach Tressel is donating his proceeds from the book.

We are now off to New York City.