Favre’s Tyndale Connection

There is an interesting Tyndale connection to the huge story regarding Brett Favre’s decision to return to the NFL. After weeks of speaking through intermediaries, Favre did an exclusive interview with FOX News’s Greta VanSusteren just minutes ago . The likely reason: Greta had done an exclusive interview with Brett and his wife, Deanna, in the Favre suite at Lambeau Field last fall to talk about Deanna’s New York Times bestseller Don’t Bet Against Me!

Tonight’s interview was a smart PR move by the Favre camp. Greta is a Packer fan and Appleton, Wis., native. Can’t imagine the sports media are any too happy about losing this exclusive to Greta but Greta’s compassion for Deanna’s story certainly had to weigh heavily in their decision to have Brett give the exclusive to Greta.