Coach Tressel in Pickerington

July 19 – 1:25 PM ET

The book signing tour for The Winners Manual concluded this morning with a three-hour signing in suburban Pickerington. Coach Tressel began the signing nearly 15 minutes early and signed from 845-1150. Like the other signings, fans were patient, yet enthusiastic.

The signing featured a high school marching band and a young baby named, of course, Tressel. We had people who had named their dog Tressel, but this was our first baby on the tour with the name Tressel. Coach said he had heard of about seven or eight baby Tressels previously. Here is a link to an article about this Tressel baby:

We were joined on the tour today by C.J. Van Wagner and Dave Endrody from Tyndale. C.J grew up in Ohio and is a big Buckeye fan so he was excited to meet Coach Tressel. I think both were amazed by the volume and enthusiasm of the crowd.