Tuesday, July 29 – 8:20 a.m. CT

The New York Times article about Tyndale’s football-related titles ran this morning. I have to admit that I am very pleased. The writer, Julie Bosman, did a very nice job. It’s always tough with these articles because I feel sorry for key people who are omitted. For example, Carol Traver acquired both the Deanna Favre and Jim Tressel titles yet wasn’t mentioned. I did offer the writer the opportunity to talk to Carol but the writer declined because she wanted to talk to Jan Long Harris, who acquired Quiet Strength. Jessica Atteberry Quinn, of Jessica Quinn PR in Atlanta, helped tremendously with the PR for the Dungy and Favre titles yet didn’t get mentioned as well. Both Carol and Jessica are key components in the success of these titles. With that said, a rather lengthy – and positive — article about Tyndale in the New York Times is tough to complain about too much.


The article was also linked to Dermot McEvoy’s morning update in Publishers Weekly