Quiet Strength DVD releases in September

Tuesday, August 12 – 9:00 a.m. CT

What an amazing weekend of weather we had in the Chicagoland area. It did rain a little on Saturday afternoon but Sunday was absolutely gorgeous. It was about 78 degrees, there was not a cloud in the sky, and the humidity was negligible. Many people at Tyndale are enjoying watching the Olympics. I was glad to see that the opening ceremonies pulled such a huge rating as, for some reason, it seems like it has become cool for people to say that they don’t enjoy watching the Olympics. While I’m sure that’s true for some, I also contend that some of those same people (many are radio and TV sports talk show hosts) are watching the Olympics when no one else is looking.

The finish of the 4×100 meter freestyle relay Sunday night was just incredible. While Michael Phelps will be remembered long after these Games are finished, Jason Lezak, the anchor leg of the relay, is in some ways the Mike Eruzione of the 2008 Olympics. While Sunday night’s event didn’t have the historical impact of the US beating the Russians in hockey at the peak of the Cold War during the 1980 Olympics, it has to be one of the best closing finishes in Olympic history.

I had the opportunity to watch the Tony Dungy on Winning With Quiet Strength DVD, which releases in September. You may want to check it out. Colts fans will really like it because it’s narrated by Colts radio play-by-play announcer Bob Lamey. It also includes video and still pictures from Tony’s playing days in high school in Jackson, Mich., as well as clips of him playing at the University of Minnesota and with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Like the book, the DVD includes many of the principles, practices, and priorities that Coach Dungy finds so important.

The Quiet Strength DVD releases in September: http://www.tyndale.com/products/avint/details.asp?isbn=978-1-4143-2329-9&subpage=

We also want to send out our prayers to the former Soviet republic of Georgia. This is a huge story that because of the Olympics and the John Edwards affair scandal has in some ways gone almost completely under the radar. This is a crisis of Cold War proportions. Tyndale author Joel Rosenberg gives his take on the situation at Joel’s popular blog: http://joelrosenberg.blogspot.com/.

Joel writes, in part: “One critical issue to watch as the crisis develops: Who is really in charge in Moscow, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin or newly installed President Dmitry Medvedev? For the moment, it seems to be Putin who is calling the shots and speaking out most forcefully on the crisis with Georgia. Putin, of course, believes deeply in restoring the glory of Mother Russia. He certainly does not want to lose Russian territory and is determined to expand the Russian empire. As I have written about previously, he knows he cannot expand Russia westward because NATO is expanding eastward. Putin also knows he cannot expand Russia eastward because of China. He has claimed ownership of the North Pole, but the real opportunity for Russia is to expand southward, and that is where Putin has been focusing all of his attention in recent years. He is determined to control the Caucuses region, and South Ossetia — though not a name or place most Westerners have ever heard of much less cared about — is a key piece in Putin’s southward strategy. Interestingly, a new poll finds that four times more Russians think Putin is the most powerful man in Moscow than Medvedev, and tensions between the two men have been growing all summer.”