Author of Unchristian America, Michael Babcock, on radio tomorrow

Monday, August 18, 2008 – 2:00 p.m. CT

Tomorrow will be a busy day for Tyndale author Michael Babcock, a professor of humanities at Liberty University. The author of a new book, UnChristian America: Living with faith in a nation that was never under God, Babcock will do four radio interviews (listed below) with stations in Philadelphia, Detroit, Tampa, and on the Family Life Network, which has affiliates in New York and Pennsylvania.

A portion of the back cover copy of UnChristian America is as follows:

For decades, a cultural battle has raged between those who fear that America is losing its Christian heritage and those who are disturbed by what they see as a dangerous attempt by conservative Christians to grab political power and force their beliefs on the entire nation.

The issues are great and small—should Intelligent Design be taught alongside evolutionary theory in our classrooms? Can Christian organizations be compelled to employ someone who is openly gay? Are decency standards no longer enforceable in an age of digital communication? But in the end, they all come back to the question of our national identity. Are we a Christian nation that has lost its way or a place where the “faith of our fathers” is complete irrelevant?

As an evangelical Christian and a professor at the university founded by the late Rev. Jerry Falwell, Michael Babcock is writing from within the culture of the Christian Right. Yet in UnChristian America, he offers an unexpected and thought-provoking proposition: We can’t reclaim our Christian heritage because America was never a Christian nation in the first place.

Grounded in compelling historical evidence, UnChristian America traces the moral and cultural decline of our nation from Jamestown to present day, and challenges us to rethink our assumptions about what it means to fight for our faith.

Tuesday, Aug. 19 @ 10:10 AM ET
WFIL-AM 560 (Philadelphia, PA)
20 minutes
The Mark Daniels Show

Tuesday, Aug. 19 @ 10:30 AM ET
Family Life Network
20-25 minutes
Afternoon Show with Cecil VanHouten

Tuesday, Aug. 19 @ 2:35 PM ET
WMUZ-FM 103.5 (Detroit, MI)
30 minutes
The Bob Dutko Show

Tuesday, Aug. 19 @ 4:30 PM ET
Salem Radio WTBN AM 570 & AM 910 (Tampa, FL)
24 minutes
Drive Time with Bill Bunkley