Deanna Favre on ESPN Tomorrow Night

Tune in to E:60 on ESPN tomorrow, October 28, at 7:00 PM ET/6:00 PM CT for an exclusive interview with Deanna Favre, Tyndale author and wife of NFL legendary quarterback Brett Favre.

“For nearly two decades, Brett Favre has lived in the media spotlight, but the last nine months in particular played out like a daily soap opera. Deanna Favre is the woman behind the bright lights and the press clippings. In an E:60 exclusive, her first national television interview since her husband was traded to the New York Jets, correspondent Rachel Nichols sits down with the one person who knows Brett best.

Deanna discusses what it was like to watch her husband throw his last pass in a Packers uniform; what she really thought when Brett announced his retirement in March; what it was like to watch the back and forth struggle between Brett and the Packers; how she felt after the decision was finally made to move on; and her life as a cancer survivor.

“Something in me felt it wasn’t over. It wasn’t the end. So it was tough, it was emotional, I was drained. But then I just had that little, you know, something is not right about this.” – On Brett’s retirement press conference in March “I’m not going to make that decision for him. I think I read different articles that said I did make the decision for him, but that is not true. It’s false.” said Deanna about her husband’s retirement.”