Tyndale Signs with Global Reader

Tyndale is excited to announce a new step we are taking in the world of digital publishing. This partnership with Global Reader is a first in Christian publishing.

In commenting on behalf of Tyndale House Publishers, Alan Huizenga, Director of Digital Publishing, said, “We are pleased to be working with MacMillan Solutions in getting our products out to a whole new market. Tyndale is excited about the opportunity to offer our titles to the millions of consumers using the emerging platform of mobile technology for information and entertainment.”

A brief article from Publishers Weekly is posted below:

Tyndale Signs with Global Reader
by Craig Morgan Teicher — Publishers Weekly, 11/18/2008 12:44:00 PM

Christian publisher Tyndale House has signed an agreement with MPS Global to distribute forty-six of its titles to mobile phones through MPS’s Global Reader platform. Tyndale House publishes many best-selling Christian titles, including Tim LaHane and Jerry B. Jenkins Left Behind Series and books by inspiration author Karen Kingsbury. As part of the agreement, readers can access free samples of recent books by LaHaye, Jenkins and Kingsbury. This is MPS Global’s first foray into the Christian Market, and follows on the heels of several other partnerships, including deals with S&S and e-book maker DNAML.