Chuck Colson's Commentary: I know what Illinois' governor feels like now

For Tyndale, being located in the Chicago suburbs, the recent news of Governor Rod Blagojevich’s arrest and the charges against him hit close to home.

We found this great commentary on CNN by Chuck Colson, former aide to President Nixon and one of our authors. Chuck has written several Tyndale books, including, Justice That Restores, Lies that Go Unchallenged in Media & Government, How Now Shall We Live?, and The Problem of Evil. He is the founder of Prison Fellowship, the world’s largest outreach to prisoners. He was imprisoned, himself, for obstruction of justice during the Watergate scandal.

Bill Dallas, a new Tyndale author and another who spent time in prison, shares his story as a white-collar criminal ended up the notorious San Quentin State Prison in his new book Lessons from San Quentin, to be released in February 2009.