Uncommon Media Tour – Days 8 & 9

February 3, 2009
11:30 PM Indianapolis

Tony arrived in Indianapolis late last night from Tampa. In the morning, he was on The Steve Harvey Show, a nationally syndicated radio show in New York.

There was fairly heavy snowfall in the morning, which led to slow travel all day. In the early afternoon, we participated in an assembly at Northwest High School in Indianapolis. Tony spoke for 10 minutes and then the students asked him questions for about 20 minutes.

After the assembly, we headed out to Borders in the Keystone area for a book signing. This one was also very well attended. Tony signed for nearly two hours straight.

Following the Borders signing, we went to Sam’s Club in Indianapolis for another book signing. We were able to stop for dinner at Blue Crew Sports Grill in North Indy. It’s a Colts-themed restaurant, which was pretty cool.

Today several Tyndale personnel also joined us on the tour, including: Sharon Leavitt, author relations manager; Yolanda Sidney, marketing manager; and David Endrody, VP of Sales.

The Sam’s Club signing in the evening was well-attended by many enthusiastic fans. The signing was supposed to be for two hours, but Tony ended up signing for about two hours and 10 minutes straight.

We have more pictures added on our “Dare to be Uncommon” Facebook fan page, so be sure to check those out.

This morning (Wednesday), Tony had an interview at WISH-TV in Indianapolis and now we’re headed off to Fort Wayne.