US Troops Meet OSU Coach Tressel in Germany

Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel is bringing joy to OSU fans everywhere–even to our troops. Last year, Jim Tressel published his book The Winners Manual with Tyndale. Check out this story below:

Ohio native Lauren White is stationed in Germany, where she met Buckeye head coach Jim Tressel during his travels headed to the Middle East last week. Read her email here …

Jim and about 5 other coaches are on a morale tour visiting troops overseas. The gym was almost all Ohio State fans, it was hilarious. The UCLA coach came in first and started to talk to the OSU “side”. Tressel walked in and the whole place just ignored UCLA and started chanting OH-IO… was awesome. I got Tressel’s book, for free of course, and he signed it, a hat, shirt, and some photos…yea!!!

Ohio State’s Jim Tressel is one of six college football coaches who will visit U.S. service personnel in the Middle East as part of an Armed Forces Entertainment tour during the next week.
The delegation is scheduled to make several stops throughout the Middle East, including Afghanistan and around the Persian Gulf. The tour is organized through the Department of Defense. The coaches will meet for orientation in late May and should be overseas eight days.
Others participating this year include Mack Brown (Texas), Houston Nutt (Ole Miss), Rick Neuheisel (UCLA), Troy Calhoun (Air Force) and Tommy Tuberville, who was a part of the inaugural Coaches’ Tour last year.

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