Tyndale House to Release The Official Chuck Norris Factbook

Tyndale House Publishers announces the November release of
The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book, a look at Chuck’s favorite Facts, from the man himself.

[Carol Stream, Ill.]—Tyndale House Publishers announced today that it will release The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book: 101 of Chuck’s Favorite Facts and Stories, written by Chuck Norris with Todd DuBord, in November. Chuck Norris Facts is a quirky, but extremely popular, Internet phenomenon that has entertained millions of fans from all over the globe. Now, for the first time ever, Chuck Norris gives fans not only his favorite Facts but also stories behind the Facts and the code by which Chuck lives his life.

“For the past three years, I’ve been asked repeatedly to select my favorite Chuck Norris Facts,” said Norris, a TV and film actor who has starred in more than 20 films and is well-known for his popular television series Walker, Texas Ranger. “For three years, people from everywhere have inquired in person and by mail about what I think about particular Chuck Norris Facts. For three years, I’ve been solicited to write this manuscript. So, finally, I’m happy to offer the world The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book, 101 of my favorite Facts, with my personal reflections on each.”

Hundreds of thousands of humorous Chuck Norris Facts have traveled around the globe via the Internet, and they have gained an international audience of millions. You’ve heard the Facts:

  • Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird.
  • Chuck Norris doesn’t need a weapon. He is one.
  • When Chuck Norris does push-ups, he isn’t pushing himself up. He’s pushing the earth down.

In addition to the Facts, each entry includes an example of “Chuck’s Code,” the five core values that summarize his life’s purpose. They are represented by five Fs: Freedom, Family, Fitness, Faith, and Fight.

Promotion for The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book will include a comprehensive marketing campaign and a national media tour.Said Jon Farrar, Tyndale Acquisitions Director, “The facts themselves will be humorous, but he will have basically a 250-word commentary on each fact. He talks about his movie career and different things that have happened to him in his life. He’ll take the humor as a jumping-off point.”

In addition to his acting career, Chuck Norris is also a martial arts icon and a best-selling author of numerous books, including Black Belt Patriotism and the autobiographical Against All Odds: My Story. Norris’s nationally syndicated column appears in Human Events, Townhall, and WorldNetDaily, among other outlets. Chuck and his wife, Gena, continue to be involved in many charitable, Christian, and civic endeavors, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He has served as spokesperson for the U.S. Veterans Administration and is a Veteran Foundation’s Veteran of the Year Award recipient. In 2007, he was made an honorary member of the United States Marine Corps in recognition of his visits to troops in Iraq. Chuck and Gena Norris are also advocates for an elective Bible education course now offered in 475 public school districts in 38 states.

Arguably Chuck Norris’s greatest mission, however, is to raise the value and standards of young people through his Texas-based KICKSTART organization, founded in 1990. KICKSTART (www.kick-start.org) is a character-building, life-skills program whose fundamental purpose is to give our nation’s at-risk, middle school students the tools to strengthen their self-esteem. In addition to martial arts training, KICKSTART provides young people with the core values and philosophies associated with leading a productive and healthy life. Mr. Norris hopes to expand the program nationwide. For more information on Chuck Norris and the KICKSTART program, go to www.chucknorris.com.

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