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We are very excited about the release of What’s In the Bible?, a new DVD series from Phil Vischer, the creator of VeggieTales. Phil is passionate about being able to teach kids more than just Christian values; he wants to help them discover that the Bible is more than just the stories of Jonah and David by teaching them what is actually in the Bible and how all the stories fit together.

Kids today consume a staggering five hours of media each day, and may spend about one hour a week in church. Seven out of ten American adults believe kids receive inadequate spiritual instruction. For conservative Christians, the number rises to nine out of ten. It’s no wonder the Church is so biblically illiterate:

  • 64% of Americans said they did not read the Bible because they are too busy.
  • In a report on America’s religious illiteracy, USA Today reported that 50% of high school seniors think Sodom and Gomorrah were married.
  • A 2000 study showed that 60% of evangelical Christians believed that Jesus was born in Jerusalem rather than Bethlehem.
  • Only half of American adults can name even one of the four Gospels

Phil’s series, What’s In the Bible?, is part of the solution to the problem of biblical illiteracy. This 13-part DVD series will take you through the entire Bible—Genesis through Revelation—in a format that provides the best of biblical education for kids. The first two DVDs, In the Beginning and Let my People Go, will take you and your kids through Genesis and Exodus through hilarious new characters, catchy songs, and engaging animation.

We are recruiting 100 bloggers to be a part of our What’s In the Bible Blog Tour! To sign up, request In the Beginning from the Tyndale Blog Network. Participants will be required to post a blog review of the series on their personal blog in March and on or

The first 100 bloggers to request the DVD will receive:

  • A preview copy of In the Beginning and Let My People Go to review
  • Links to the What’s In the Bible video trailer, coloring pages, and character images to include in a blog review
  • A certificate for a free copy of each DVD to give away on your blog

 If you sign up to join the tour, you will be contacted about an assigned week in March to post your review. Please contact Christy Wong at with any additional questions.

Christy Stroud

Christy Stroud

Christy is a publicist at Tyndale, working to get the best media coverage possible for our authors and products. She has worked on many campaigns including the New York Times bestseller "Winning Balance" by Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, Phil Vischer’s What’s in the Bible? DVD series, "The Devil in Pew Number Seven" by Rebecca Alonzo, "Night of the Living Dead Christian" by Matt Mikalatos, the "Courageous" novelization by Randy Alcorn, and "Cupidity" and "Unstuff" by Michael and Hayley DiMarco. Christy enjoys being a wife, mom, and pug owner. You can often find her reading, running, training for triathlons, doing youth ministry, and occasionally horseback riding. She also blogs at