Chuck Norris Winners!


Thanks to all of you who participated in our Chuck Norris Birthday contest! There were a lot of great entries, but we could only choose five winners.

And the winners of the Chuck Norris Birthday contest are…

Elizabeth Doogan (on Facebook): “Today is a day that, 70 years ago, changed the world. On this day the world’s most deadly weapon was created: the roundhouse kick.”

Anthony Trendl: “No one throws Chuck Norris a party. He throws it…far.”

Steve: “When the birthday candles on Chuck Norris’ cake saw him coming, they blew themselves out.”

Craig: “Chuck Norris didn’t turn 70…he twisted it until it cried ‘Uncle.”‘

Kevin Rojas: “The last time Chuck Norris blew out some candles, we called it climate change.”

Congratulations! You’ll be receiving a SIGNED copy of The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book. You’ll be receiving an email requesting your mailing address. Thanks for sharing your Chuck Norris birthday facts with us and for wishing Chuck a happy 70th birthday! 😀

Christy Stroud

Christy Stroud

Christy is a publicist at Tyndale, working to get the best media coverage possible for our authors and products. She has worked on many campaigns including the New York Times bestseller "Winning Balance" by Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, Phil Vischer’s What’s in the Bible? DVD series, "The Devil in Pew Number Seven" by Rebecca Alonzo, "Night of the Living Dead Christian" by Matt Mikalatos, the "Courageous" novelization by Randy Alcorn, and "Cupidity" and "Unstuff" by Michael and Hayley DiMarco. Christy enjoys being a wife, mom, and pug owner. You can often find her reading, running, training for triathlons, doing youth ministry, and occasionally horseback riding. She also blogs at