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Blogger Karen Hopkins wanted to share a couple blog reviews she did for the Tyndale Blog Network with all of you.

Divanomics  by Michelle McKinney Hammond

From the eyecatching front cover, to the pages inbetween, Michelle M. Hammond is an author whose writings both make you laugh, and yet brings those who have lost it all, a sense of hope and sucess, in her recapturing her own struggles in the financial losses of that she writes.

From her experiences of losing every penny she had made, because of unwise spending habits, and wrong mindset in living, and spending, she takes the readers on lessons in learning of how to avoid such pit falls that we all face at one time or another, as bread winners.

From wise counsel she ignored, because of having a ” diva” mindset, she writes with candid honesty, and advice , but at the same time, gives clearly a hope , and a rescue with areas of living that are attainable to every reader. From budgeting, to food, to using simple every day items to make life easier, Diva Reflections at the end of each chapter give ideas to manage life wiser, and give tips to suceed.

A ” MUST READ ” for those who struggle with worries of never having enough money to be the ” Diva” that we think we deserve to be.. She leads us on a journey of seeing life in the ” Cheaper ” aisle of shopping, yet maintaining beauty, and grace as found in the ” high end ” district of retail when we have lost it all.

 The Secret Holocaust Diaries by Nonna Bannister

A powerful memoir of a young woman , during the Holocaust years, who suffered much in all that she, and her family endured. Trying to keep her experiences from being forgotten, Nonna Bannister, a Russian/American woman, wrote, and hid her private thoughts , in places where they would be secretly hidden – sewn into her clothing, and a simple pillow that she would never sleep without until her death many decades later .

Leaving her native country, she came to the USA , guarding her thoughts, and writings even from those closest to her – her husband , and her children.

As this Russian / American woman experienced the atrocities of the Holocaust, she also learned how to forgive, and use what she had endured, to bring blessings to her family as they learned of her secret diaries before, and after her passing in 2004.

This empowering book shows the true grit, and determination to preserve the memories of both her family, and her past , for the future generations that will come. A book thats highly recommended , simply for the author’s tranparency of emotions, and fear felt in the troubling time of the Holocaust years.

Christy Stroud

Christy Stroud

Christy is a publicist at Tyndale, working to get the best media coverage possible for our authors and products. She has worked on many campaigns including the New York Times bestseller "Winning Balance" by Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, Phil Vischer’s What’s in the Bible? DVD series, "The Devil in Pew Number Seven" by Rebecca Alonzo, "Night of the Living Dead Christian" by Matt Mikalatos, the "Courageous" novelization by Randy Alcorn, and "Cupidity" and "Unstuff" by Michael and Hayley DiMarco. Christy enjoys being a wife, mom, and pug owner. You can often find her reading, running, training for triathlons, doing youth ministry, and occasionally horseback riding. She also blogs at http://www.christystroud.com.