Father’s Day Week: Reviews From Kids

When our books or Bibles get reviewed we see tons of magazines, newspapers, and blog links.  Every once in awhile we get some really creative, unique reviews, and we can’t help but share them.  Because it’s the week of Father’s Day, it’s fitting to show how one father helped his kids share their love of their Bibles with the world.

Joel, our friend from the blog The Church of Jesus Christ, recently sat down with his daughter and son and had them talk about the new Bibles they’ve been enjoying.  Here’s a shot of the Bibles his family takes to church on Sundays.

"The NLT-Only Family Goes to Church"

It was great to see the Mosaic Bible in the mix; it’s the Bible I’ve been carrying to church lately.

Here’s Abigael  talking about her Girls Life Application Study Bible (with a little coaching from Mom and Dad). My favorite part is hearing the future NLT user in the background; she is already enthusiastically trying to participate in discussion of the Bible.

Here’s Landon talking about his Metal Bible NLT: Camouflage.   It was cool to see him go to talk about what was in the Bible first, before he thought to talk about the cool camouflage cover. Joel cracks me up at the end.

Joel also reviewed these two Bibles on his blog, The Church of Jesus Christ.  I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you followed him on Twitter either: @PolycarpTCOJC

Joel’s Review of the Metal Bible NLT

Joel’s Review of the Girls Life Application Study Bible

Stay tuned for a special Father’s Day week giveaway!

Adam Sabados

Adam Sabados

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