February 2011 Posts

March Free Ebooks

*Note* We added some links, and revised others. Gray Matter for Nook is now free. (3.1.11)

There are a lot of critics of the digital world out there. Some people argue that the more we dive into sites like Facebook and Twitter the further we separate ourselves from reality. Smart phones and status updates can remove us from what’s happening in front of our faces. I tend to lean more towards the camp that believes the digital world brings us together more. Connecting with friends on Facebook makes it easier to plan hang outs and parties. The instant communication that cell phones and smart phones provide can turn a boring Friday night into something fun.

This past week I took the idea of using something in the digital world to spark something in my everyday life and applied it to ebooks. If I saw that a friend had an ebook reader I always let them know that Tyndale was offering several free titles that they could easily download on their device. For people that don’t own ereaders, I let them know that they could still download ebooks and read them right from their computers. This practice is always great to start discussions about the books, or about digital publishing in general.  Give it a try yourself. To help you out here’s a list of free ebooks that are being offered this month. Download these, and tell your friends!

Whisper on the Wind by Maureen Lang



Barnes & Noble


Gray Matter by David Levy


Barnes & Noble



Riven by Jerry Jenkins


Barnes & Noble


Join the What’s in the Bible Street Team

DVD #5 is coming in May!

If you love watching the What’s in the Bible? DVDs in your family and love telling others about this amazing series, then we want YOU to be a part of our new What’s in the Bible Street Team! The street team’s job is to spread the word about WITB and to get people around the country excited about this new series.

What will Street Team members get?

  • A badge to put on your blog showing that you are an official WITB Street Team member
  • WITB banners to post on message boards, websites, your blog
  • WITB pins to give away in your hometown and church
  • WITB coloring pages
  • WITB images to post on your blog and to create posters promoting the series
  • A review copy of DVD #5, Israel Gets a King!, to review on your blog (you can also get DVD #6 when it comes out if you prove yourself a worthy Street Team member)
  • A certificate of WITB #5 to give away on your blog
  • The opportunity to receive exclusive benefits, available only to WITB Street Team members
  • The opportunity to win other prizes from Tyndale Kids
  • An affiliate link to put on your blog (you will receive a small portion of the profit if anyone purchases the DVDs through your link)

What will Street Team members be required to do?

  • Review WITB DVDs on your blog and give away the certificate (similar to blog tours)
  • Pass out pins and posters to spread the word about WITB to friends, family, and others in your community
  • Send monthly reports to Tyndale about what you’ve been doing to promote WITB in your community. We’ll highlight some of you on our blog!

This is just the beginning. As we come up with more promotions for you, you’ll hear about those as a Street Team member. The street team is limited to 100 members in the U.S. and Canada only.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a WITB Street Team member? Fill out an application today. The application deadline is Monday, March 14, 2011. If you are selected for the Street Team, you will be notified by April 1, 2011.

Questions? Leave a comment below or email witbstreetteam@gmail.com.

A Cure for the Football Void

Last week, as it does every year, marked one of the coldest and darkest weeks for some members of the US population. I’m not talking about the people in the frozen Midwest or the snow covered east, I’m talking about football fans. Last week was the week that marks the longest wait until the next football game occurs in the fall. Some of you non-football fans can’t relate and that’s ok, to understand you can compare it to your favorite TV show ending the season on a cliff hanger. To make matters worse negotiations between players and owners could result in a delayed start to next season. If only there was a way to ease this possible long wait!

Wait…there is!

No, not video games or back yard football.


Our two most recent hits will definitely distract you from the lack of weekly gridiron battles.

Coming Back Stronger by Drew Brees is an excellent book for the football deprived fan. Not only does it blend a personal story of trials and triumph on and off the field, but it stars Super Bowl XLIV MVP Drew Brees (you can read the first chapter here). Below is a picture of me helping Drew at a book signing and I can tell you his intense focus and drive even came out during the event. He was determined to sign every one’s book and when the hours of the book signing were coming to an end and the line was still long, he got that quarterback, 4th quarter, game winning drive look on his face. Everyone got their books signed that day.

The Mentor Leader (read the first chapter here) by Tony Dungy is another recent bestselling book. In the book Coach Dungy talks about his leadership philosophy and how applying it to his life helped propel him to the top of his profession. The picture below is from a book signing right after Coach Dungy spoke at Tyndale’s headquarters. If you ever get a chance to hear Tony Dungy speak you must do it, you won’t be disappointed. Be sure to check out some other bestsellers by Tony Dungy – Quiet Strength and Uncommon.

OK, enough pictures of me and NFL greats (these are the only ones I have…so far), let us move on to some other great football related books:

Game Plan for Life by Joe Gibbs

First Things First by Kurt and Brenda Warner

Don’t Bet Against Me by Deanna Favre

For you college fans out there we have The Winners Manual by Jim Tressel and coming out soon Life Promises for Success also by Jim Tressel.

So if you time it out just right you could read a new football related book every few weeks and it will be a smooth transition right into next season.

Have you read any of these books? Which ones are your favorite?

Valentine’s Day E-book Giveaway

This is the perfect book for married and engaged couples — just in time for Valentine’s Day! We’re giving away Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage by bestselling author Dr. Kevin Leman.

Beginning February 13 through February 27, you can download this e-book FREE!





Happy Valentine’s Day!

An UnPlanned Giveaway

**Our winners are: Cheri Clayton & Denise. Congratulations! We’ll contact you about getting your address to send you a copy of UnPlanned.**

Contrary to what the title of this post may suggest, this was a planned giveaway, but we’re giving away a couple copies of the book UnPlanned by Abby Johnson!

Abby has been making the news lately with a series of video stings released by the group Live Action showing the truth of what goes on inside Planned Parenthood. As a former Planned Parenthood director, Abby has lots to say on the subject. You can see some of the Live Action videos and read Abby’s blog here. It’s incredible stuff.

She’ll also be on the Huckabee show on FOX tomorrow, February 5. The show airs at 8 p.m. ET.

This is a book you need to read. So we’re giving away two copies today. To have a chance to win, leave a comment and tell us why you want to read this book. The winners will be chosen via Random.org today at 4:00 p.m. CT.

Follow Abby on Twitter to see more of what she’s doing for the pro-life movement!