Employee Guest Post: Marianne Chrisos

Today we welcome Tyndale employee Marianne Chrisos to the blog. When I first met Marianne she sat next to me in a cubicle in the customer service department, and we talked about our dreams of going to grad school. Almost two years later we both moved up in Tyndale, and she’s about to finish her graduate degree in Writing and Publishing from DePaul University in Chicago. Someday I’ll get mine too, but in the meantime Marianne provides the inspiration and proof that you can pursue your dreams while pursuing your dreams.

A Degree in Writing and Publishing Was My Clever Idea

By Marianne Chrisos

When a person graduates with an English degree, it is my experience that many of them will answer the question, “Now what?” with, “I’d like to be an editor.” I know I did. This is a great answer. Editors are often brilliant, lovely people.

The “Now what?” question still exists as the exit from a graduate degree looms. In a few short weeks, I will have a master’s degree. And though I have been blessed to work in publishing, and a degree in “Writing and Publishing” should fit so simply with my career, that question is still something I find myself asking.

I have taken classes in language, style, writing, and even poetry. I have analyzed literature and writing and Old English; I have prayed that God would give me the right words to finish an assignment and for the strongest, hottest coffee to get me through the next day. And while I can’t say I’m necessarily any closer to a “real” answer for the “now what?” question, I have seen firsthand how important reading and good writing are to people, how lives are spent in the pursuit and study of literature, and this continues to show me just how important my place in publishing is and how very alive the publishing industry is.

It has been an intense experience working full time in publishing and working towards a degree in essentially the same field. Each has had an effect on the other. I was able to take what I know about publishing into the classroom and contribute my hands-on experience and knowledge to papers and discussions. Now, I can continue to see publishing as a huge, noisy classroom. Publishing is a constantly changing, vibrant environment. Graduate school encourages creativity and collaboration, not a prescribed curriculum. This is something that the publishing industry needs to continue to embrace and something that I hope to carry with me as I contribute in the industry that continues to grow, change and thrive.

Marianne is the National Accounts Sales Assistant at Tyndale, you can find more of her writing and an occasional owl at http://mariannemchrisos.com/.

Adam Sabados

Adam Sabados

Adam is the Digital Media Coordinator at Tyndale. He gets to have fun running social media campaigns, and online advertising. Adam is a graduate of Malone University in Canton, Ohio where he majored in communication arts and was highly involved in the theatre department. He currently lives in Wheaton, IL with his wife Meghan, his son Luke, and their Cavalier pup Banksy. You can follow Adam on Twitter at @AdamSab where you can learn all about his latest improv comedy shows around Chicago, hear about the woes of Ohio sports teams, or catch an insightful blog post or two.