Why I Blog: Episode 3

For this week’s “ Why I Blog” post, I want to mix things up, keep it light, keep it funny, keep you guessing. We welcome Deborah K to the Tyndale blog! This week is unique for two reasons, one we’re switching things up with an interview format, and second Deborah is the first blogger in our series that I have actually met in person. We met in May of 2010 at Book Expo America in New York, and she was actually the first book blogger I have ever met in person.  Be sure to follower her on twitter and check out her blog when you get a chance!

Tell us about yourself; feel free to be as specific or vague as you want.

Greetings, allow me to introduce myself. I am Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight and friend of Captain Solo…..ok for reals, my name’s Deborah, I’m a late 20something living in the DC Metro Area. I’m an archivist by day (aka I work with documents by assessing, preserving and overseeing them), and an extreme book reader, book blogger and super geek the rest of the time.  Oh and I love Jesus! and Pugs! (shout out to fellow pug lover Christy (Wong) Stroud!)

Did you try other blog formats or subjects before you settled on your current one?

Other than keeping a personal livejournal that is now defunct, my blog is the same and only one I’ve had.  I’ve been blogging for 5 years (bloggiversary will be in Sept) and it’s always been about books and the occasional movie.  I’ve used Blogger.com since day 1.

Could you ever see yourself changing formats or subjects in the future?

I’ve thought about switching to wordpress on occasion but am too lazy to move everything over.  I do want to buy my own domain name soon though because the way my address is set up with the hyphens is too confusing. As for subjects, no.   I started the blog to talk about books and I don’t write about personal stuff that often on it.  I have changed the way I read since I started blogging.  It used to be 100% Christian fiction but over the years I’ve been reading a lot more general fiction especially YA so I’ve been reviewing more of those books on my blog.

What made you want to start blogging?

When I first started, all I wanted to do was tell people about the books I read.  I had no idea there was a book blogging community nor did I know that even know that getting review copies of books was possible.  It amazes me about how big the book blogging community has grown.

What keeps you blogging?

I like telling others about the books I read.  It’s the book blogging community that’s kept me going.  I’ve made a bunch of friends since starting this thing.  It’s been awesome to meet book bloggers from across the country, some in person.  I don’t blog for free books. If books stopped coming, I would still talk about the books that I read no matter what.

If you could take a trip anywhere in the world or go to any event and blog about it, where would you go?

Comic-Con! It’s like the super geek event of a lifetime and I would love to be able to go and then blog about it later. I’d pay my way to go and blog about it.

Marvel or DC?

If you’re talking about the actual comics, I can’t answer as I’ve never really read either.  As for the movies, other than the new Batman movies (which are EXCELLENT), Marvel all the way. Spider-Man, IronMan, Hulk, X-Men, the upcoming Avengers movie etc etc. Superhero movies are AWEsome.

I saw a video on YouTube of the recessional at your wedding and you used music from Star Wars. Do you have any other sci-fi integration in your life?

Hah yes, that was my way of being creative at the wedding.  Our pug’s full name is Pugsly Obi Wan Yoda.  Also my closet leads to Narnia…

Is there a book or series that got you interested in reading Christian fiction?

I first read Janette Oke when I was 8 years old.  I started off with the Love Comes Softly series but the prairie dialect back then was too confusing for me so I switched series and was hooked ever since.  My tastes have changed a lot over the years when it comes to Christian fiction but it is still about 70% of what I read.

Your blog title is Books, Movies and Chinese food, where can I get some good Chinese food?

Seeing as how you are in the Chicago area and I’ve never been there, I can’t really help.  And I don’t really eat REAL CHINESE food so I feel like an oxymoron being that I am half Chinese.  That being said, I really like hole in the wall places and Chinese buffets as well.

Which blogs are you a fan of?

Too many to count but let’s try

My Friend Amy (http://www.myfriendamysblog.com)

Relz Reviewz (http://relzreviewz.blogspot.com/)

Booktalk and More (http://booktalkandmore.blogspot.com/)

author Jenny B. Jones (http://www.jennybjones.com/)

author Mike Duran (http://mikeduran.com/)

S.Krishna’s Books (http://www.skrishnasbooks.com/)

The Story Siren (http://www.thestorysiren.com/)

What future releases are you really excited about (doesn’t have to be Tyndale)?

This is a very dangerous question as my WL could probably be about 500 books.

The Doctor’s Lady by Jody Hedlund (Bethany House, 9/1/11)

The Queen by Steven James (Revell, 9/1/11)

There You’ll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones (10/4/11)

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins (Dutton Juvenile, 9/29/11)

A Million Suns by Beth Revis (Razorbill, 1/10/12)

Fever by Lauren DeStefano (Simon & Schuster Children, 2/21/12)

What advice would you give to someone that is either thinking about starting a blog, or started one and forgot about it?

Blogging takes work.  It can be totally fun and enjoyable but it does take effort. If you’re going the book blogger route, you can’t expect to immediately get “free books” (believe me they are not free) nor should you beg for followers when you haven’t really posted anything. Work on it for a while to make it good. And figure out why you are blogging. Is it for yourself? Is it for your readers? Is it to get free books (bad idea)? Once you figure it out, always remember that you can choose how you want to blog.  It’s YOUR blog.

Any final words or shout outs?

I could include a random quote from Star Wars, LOTR, Harry Potter or anything else to show my uber-nerdiness. But I will just use this normal quote from one of my favorite authors:

“I can’t imagine a man really enjoying a book and reading it only once.” – CS Lewis.

Thanks so much Adam! CLEVELAND ROCKS!

Thanks again to Deborah for taking the time to answer my questions, be sure to check out her blog right now!

Adam Sabados

Adam Sabados

Adam is the Digital Media Coordinator at Tyndale. He gets to have fun running social media campaigns, and online advertising. Adam is a graduate of Malone University in Canton, Ohio where he majored in communication arts and was highly involved in the theatre department. He currently lives in Wheaton, IL with his wife Meghan, his son Luke, and their Cavalier pup Banksy. You can follow Adam on Twitter at @AdamSab where you can learn all about his latest improv comedy shows around Chicago, hear about the woes of Ohio sports teams, or catch an insightful blog post or two.