February 2012 Posts

Spend 3 Days in Heaven with Randy Alcorn

There are many different seminars that we attend to help us grow spiritually.  Yet, have you ever attended a seminar about the topic of Heaven and what the Bible says about Heaven?  Most of us have a difficult time imagining what Heaven will truly be like day after day – for eternity.  Well, Randy Alcorn , author of the book Heaven (published by Tyndale House Publishers ), wants people to look forward to the joys of Heaven.  For that reason he will be holding a 3-Day class in conjunction with Corban University entitled “3 Days in Heaven”.  For dates, costs and other information, check out the website for more information at www.3daysinheaven.com

Here’s more information from Randy Alcorn:


Tyndale’s 50th Anniversary: Great Moments in Tyndale History

This photo was taken in 1971 with Dr. Taylor presenting the 1st copy of The Living Bible to Billy Graham at the Oakland-Alameda County Crusade.

The significance of presenting TLB to Dr. Graham is that in the Fall of 1963, Billy Graham used the paperback edition of Living Letters as a television premium for his crusades. In all, more than 600,000 copies of Living Letters were sent to viewers. In the years that followed, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association used hundreds of thousands of each of the subsequent books in the Living series. His endorsement and publicity significantly launched Living Letters and the whole concept of a paraphrased Bible.

Heart of the Country Star For a Day Contest – Video from the Director

Last week we posted details about a contest where you can win a chance to be in an upcoming movie based on the Tyndale novel Heart of the Country.

Click here to read the details.

Here’s a video from the writer/director of the film  with some more details on the film and the contest.


Heart of the Country – Be a Star for a Day Contest from Bay Ridge Films on Vimeo.

The Social Job Hunt & New Job Postings at Tyndale

It’s strange to think about how only 10 or 15 years ago there were very few ways a person searched for a job. What might have been a weekend spent at your local library 20 years ago can now be down with a quick Google search, job search engine, or mobile app. If there’s a scene in an older movie where a person opens up a newspaper and begins circling job listings to pursue, a kid today probably won’t know what is happening. Even me, I’m almost 28 years old and I’ve never used a newspaper to find a job, but have things really changed that much?

The internet has replaced print media for traditional job searching, but now word of mouth has become the dominant force in spreading the word about job openings. How is this possible you might ask? Well, social media is like telling a friend about a job opening x 1000 (or however many Twitter followers or Facebook friends you have). Now you can not only hear about job openings from all over the world through social media, you can learn more detailed things about companies then ever before. You can read a company’s blog or Twitter feed to learn about corporate culture or ongoing projects, you can search Twitter to see what employees or customers might be saying about this company, or you can do a search on LinkedIn and check out the job descriptions or backgrounds on some current employees. It’s also great for companies, now job openings can be easily spread around the internet making it easier to pick the best candidates from around the country.

Speaking of companies spreading job openings around the internet via social media…

Check out the latest job openings at Tyndale (click the links for more details):

Copy Editor, Nonfiction

Video Production Coordinator

Administrative & Editorial Assistant

 Product Manager


This Month in Tyndale History: February Edition

As Tyndale turns 50 this year we once again take a look back at some notable moments in its history. The February edition of This Month in Tyndale History shows a great example of the path publishing can take, from starting off as a Bible publisher, to spreading to non-ficiton, fiction, and even companion books to Hollywood blockbuster’s like the one below.

Here are some notable February events over the years:


February 1970  

Evangelism Explosion, by D. James Kennedy, is rushed into print. Twenty years later it is still a bestseller and has sold more than 950,000 copies.


February 1975

In its review of bestsellers, Publishers Weekly admits that The Living Bible was again the bestselling nonfiction book in America in 1974 (after being on the list in 1972 and 1973).



February 2004

The Passion, published in conjunction with Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of the Christ, debuts at #5 on the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list, then moves up to #2. Tyndale authorized editions in several languages, including Danish, Finnish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, and Swedish.