7 Hours: Whole Pieces by Ronie Kendig – E-book Sale

On sale for $1.99 until June 16th is another story in the 7 Hours series, Whole Pieces by Ronie Kendig.

After a brutal attack left him without a limb and his team dead, former Green Beret Haytham “Hawk” Wilson is angry at life and God. Bitter, he pushes everyone out of his life. Every day he relives his decision to send the Afghan boy home rather than following orders to kill any who came upon his hidden team. So when on his deathbed at age 36, eaten alive by grief and regret, he’s offered the chance to relive any seven hours, Hawk is determined to go back, kill the boy, and save his team. The decision is simple . . . until he gets there.

Whole Pieces by Ronie Kendig

Price: $1.99

Dates: 6/10-6/16

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Make sure to check out Ronie’s podcast where she talks about Whole Pieces and what she would do if she only had 7 hours to live.

[gplayer href=”http://www.tyndale.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/RonieWholePieces.mp3″]7 Hours: Escapement – Rene Gutteridge talks about Escapement[/gplayer]

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Adam Sabados

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