October 2012 Posts

Join the Wait No More Initiative

Right now, more than 500,000 minor children are in the U.S. foster care system, and well over 100,000 of them are available—and waiting—for adoption. Some have been waiting for years. It seems an overwhelming and impossible situation, until you realize the U.S. also has 300,000 churches.

Encouraging God’s people to step up and care for orphans in our day is what’s behind the Wait No More initiative. You can learn more about it and download free information at icareaboutorphans.org. Tyndale has been pleased to partner with Focus on the Family to bring attention to Wait No More and the needs of modern day orphans through the publication of several relevant resources. One is the book, Castaway Kid, written by Rob Mitchell, one of the last “lifers” raised in an American orphanage. Kelly and John Rosati’s inspiring book, Wait No More, tells about their journey in adopting four children from the foster care system. And David Sanford’s Handbook on Thriving As an Adoptive Family offers real-life solutions to common challenges of adoptive families.

The latest resource Focus has created to shine light on the issue of modern-day orphan care is the Radio Theatre release of Oliver Twist. An interview with writer Paul McCusker and Wait No More author Kelly Rosati will air on the Focus on the Family broadcast November 1st. Oliver Twist features an award-winning British cast, and proceeds from this product will help support Focus’s Wait No More initiative. In addition, a bonus DVD includes a full-length documentary on the issue called Modern Day Oliver. After watching it, you’ll realize that today, as in Dickens’ era, the question remains the same: Who will help these children?

On November 1, Paul McCusker and Kelly Rosati will be on the Focus on the Family daily broadcast discussing orphan care and how you can support the Wait No More initiative. You can listen on your local radio station or online.

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This Month in Tyndale History: October Edition

At the end of September Tyndale employees gathered for a company lunch where we celebrated our work as a company and some of the milestones we hit over the past 50 years.

Here are some of the events from the month of October that have been significant in Tyndale history.


Oct 1963

Ken Taylor leaves Moody Bible Institute to work full-time at Tyndale House Publishers.

Oct 1985

The One Year Bible (TLB edition) is published. It represents a dream of Ken Taylor’s, though the rest of the executive staff thinks it will bomb. Millions of copies will be sold within the next several years. One year later, the NIV edition of The One Year Bible is published and becomes, during its first year, the bestselling edition of the NIV text.

Oct 1987

A major revision of The Living Bible is initiated with an exploratory meeting with Greek and Hebrew scholars. A decision is made to call together a leadership team of six general reviewers—four for the Old Testament and two for the New Testament. This is the beginning of what will eventually become the New Living Translation.

Oct 2001

Desecration (#9 in the Left Behind series) has a first printing of 2.95 million copies, possibly the largest first printing of any English novel in history.  Desecration is #1 on the New York Times bestseller list for three consecutive weeks (in the top 15 for eleven weeks). Publishers Weekly later reports it was the #1 fiction title for all of 2001.


Oct 2010

Tyndale partners with Christian Art Wholesale (South Africa) and Christian Art Gifts (Lombard) in opening Johnsen & Taylor, a Christian bookstore in the Town Square shopping center.

Adventures in Odyssey Announces Get in the Show Finalists

What fun! Our friends at Adventures in Odyssey (AIO) have just announced the three finalists from their 25th anniversary Get in the Show contest. This summer Tyndale worked with 350 Christian bookstores as they opened their doors to help capture 6,000 video auditions from young fans. The prize? One lucky kid will be selected to star on an upcoming episode of the popular radio broadcast and will also be featured on the newest audio album—Adventures in Odyssey Volume 58. On November 3, the three finalists will audition live with the AIO voice actors, streamed via the internet at whitsend.org at the Get in the Show Finals. Go there now to see the delightful video auditions of the three finalists: Annaliese Wilford, 14, of Millersville, MD; Anya Cardwell, 11, of Burlington, NC; and Shona Kennedy, 12, of Crestline, CA, then watch them perform live on November 3 at whitsend.org.  Congratulations, finalists!

Our Daily Bread – The People Have Spoken

This month Tyndale released the brand new Our Daily Bread Bible, a great new daily devotional Bible which contains 365 Our Daily Bread devotions. Our Daily Bread is the most widely used devotional in the English language, and it only makes sense to pair it with a great Bible translation like the NLT.

The Our Daily Bread devotionals have touched countless lives, here are  just a few comments from people who’s lives have been impacted over the years.

All my life while growing up my grandmother gave my sister and me Our Daily Bread each month and wrote a note inside. This act of faithfulness had an enormous impact on my life. My mother does the same for my daughter. Thank you so much for your ministry. It blesses me and countless others daily.  —Molly


Just wanted to tell you how much Our Daily Bread means to my grandson who is incarcerated. Through these daily readings he has given his heart to the Lord and is testifying daily to other inmates and has started a Bible study. There were two when he first started and now there are four and growing weekly.  —Gerry

When I first became a Christian, I wanted to know the Bible but it seemed overwhelming, so I started with Our Daily Bread.  –Claire

You have no idea how many times the Holy Spirit will use the daily devotional to minister to a sore spot in my heart and help me draw closer to the Lord.  —Laurin