Inspirational Fiction Author Jeanette Windle – First Chapter of Congo Dawn

Inspirational storyteller Jeanette Windle is back on the blog today to share a little more on her new novel, Congo Dawn. And don’t forget to enter to win a free copy of Congo Dawn (10 winners will be chosen; information found below).



Tell us about your new novel, Congo Dawn? 

If absolute power breeds absolute corruption, what happens when a multinational corporation with unlimited funds hires on a private military company with unbridled power? Especially in a Congolese rainforest where governmental accountability is only too cheaply for sale and the ultimate ‘conflict mineral’ is up for grabs?

Set in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s war-torn eastern Ituri rainforest zone, Congo Dawn confronts former Marine lieutenant Robin Duncan with just that question. A veteran in handling corruption and conspiracy, Robin has never had any trouble  discerning good guys from bad. But as her private security team tries to track down an insurgent killer, Robin faces a man who broke her trust years ago and discovers that gray areas extend deeper into the jungle than she anticipated. READ EXCERPT.

What message would you like your readers to take from Congo Dawn?

The same simple, yet profound realization to which Congo Dawn’s main protagonists are ultimately drawn. The coexistence of a loving Creator with human suffering is no oxymoron, but a divine paradox those refined in the fires of adversity are best equipped to understand. The smallest flames of love and faith shine most brightly against the darkest night. Our heavenly Father really does know what He’s doing, and His ultimate plans for our lives and all His creation will not be thwarted.

For those who are new to your work, please tell us a bit about yourself.

As daughter of missionary parents, I grew up in the rural villages, jungles, and mountains of Colombia, now guerrilla hot zones. I married another missionary kid, and we have been in full-time international ministry ever since. Currently based in Lancaster, PA, I’ve lived to date in six countries and traveled in more than thirty on five continents. Those experiences have birthed 16 international intrigue titles, including bestselling Tyndale House Publishers release Veiled Freedom, a 2010 Christian Book Award and Christy Award finalist and sequel Freedom’s Stand, a 2012 Christian Book Award and Carol Award finalist and 2011 Golden Scroll Novel of the Year finalist.

How can a reader connect with you on the Internet?

I would like to invite any reader interested in knowing more about Congo Dawn, my other titles, or my own life journey to visit me at my website and personal blog, From the Eye of the Storm  or contact me directly at I would also be delighted to participate with your local book club or discussion group through Skype video or on-line chat conference (or in person if I am in the vicinity).

To hear more from Jeanette on how her ministry experiences affect her writing, visit her website.

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