Tyndale Fiction- What’s Happening Wednesday? March Edition

Hello, readers! Today on the blog we’re starting a new feature called
“What’s Happening Wednesday?”

On the last Wednesday of every month, the Fiction team will be sharing an inside scoop on the projects each of our team members are focusing on at the moment. It’s always fun to take a peek behind the scenes. Check out what’s happening here and let us know what you think by answering the questions at the end of each team member’s thoughts.


I’m currently wrapping up a few details after fall 2013 presentations to our national account sales reps—getting them additional information, manuscripts to review, etc. I’ve also started working on PIFs (product information forms) for our spring 2014 projects. Submitting these forms triggers the Design manager to assign a designer to each project. In the next couple of weeks we’ll be in communication with our authors to discuss what they envision for their covers, accumulate pertinent information, and schedule a time to kick off the covers.


What, for you, makes a cover stand out? Do you often have strong responses to covers (negative and/or positive?) Why do you think that is? If you were designing your own book cover, what would you love to see? What would you hate to see—or what have you seen too much of previously?


Today I’m working on brainstorming a title for a historical novel that will release in spring 2014. It has a working title, of course, but we’re considering changing it. We want to make sure that a book’s title has all or a combination of the following: it is memorable and will spur curiosity; it will appeal to the right audience; it accurately represents the story; and/or it will hint at the themes within. That’s a tall order!


What do you think makes a title memorable? Have you ever purchased a novel simply because you liked the title? Have you ever read a book whose title didn’t seem to fit?


I’m working on an array of projects, from writing discussion questions to looking over hard copies of manuscripts, reading proposals, and reviewing already-commissioned manuscripts. Reading manuscripts, whether in proposal stage or as a draft from a Tyndale author, is a large part of my weekly job responsibilities.


What do you look for when reading fiction: an original hook, lovable and intriguing characters, a plot that keeps you guessing, or something else? Do you ever find yourself putting down a book and struggling to pick it back up? Why do you think that is?


I’m working on the April release of Susan May Warren’s new novel, Take a Chance on Me. What a great start to a six-book series about the Christiansens, where faith and family meet real life.


What makes you want to keep reading a series? Do you prefer books in a series or stand-alones? Have you ever wished an author would turn their stand-alone book into a series? If so, what about that book captured you?


Here’s what I am working on:

~Writing ad copy for my summer 2013 titles, including Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales, a legal thriller by Randy Singer, and Frame 232, a fictional account of the JFK assassination by new Tyndale author Wil Mara

~Finalizing marketing plans for fall 2013 titles, including Every Waking Moment by Chris Fabry and the second-phase marketing plan for Damascus Countdown by Joel C. Rosenberg

~Balancing my 2013 marketing budgets—always a thrilling activity

~Creating a website and social media pages for a new teen book by Beth Moore called So Long, Insecurity Teen Edition—follow us on Twitter @SecureGirls for updates on the teen title, coming this summer!


When flipping through a magazine, what makes you stop and take notice of an ad (for example, the copy, the images, the call to action)? Do you have a favorite social media site for receiving updates on books, promotions, author events, etc.? If so, what makes this site work best for you?


Thanks for reading and finding out what’s happening in Tyndale Fiction this Wednesday!

And, as always, we’d love to hear from you:

What’re you up to? What’s happening in your Wednesday?


Shaina Turner

Shaina Turner

Shaina is the Fiction team's newest addition. In her role as Acquisitions Assistant, she helps facilitate the release of novels, provides feedback to authors on best practices for social media, along with maintaining Tyndale Fiction's Twitter, @Crazy4Fiction. Shaina enjoys reading, both recreationally and the many proposals that come through, and loves to visit the towns she reads about in novels.