Meet the Christiansen Family – Author Susan May Warren on her new 6-book series

Afternoon, readers! Today we welcome to the blog bestselling, RITA Award–winning author Susan May Warren as she takes us into her world to meet the stars of her new six-book series, the Christiansen family.


“Please, please write a book about John!”

            I got this e-mail from a reader and had to smile because when I finished writing You Don’t Know Me, I had the same thought. When John Christiansen walked onto the page as a friend of Nathan’s, I knew he had to have his own story. Maybe a few of them as I got to know his six children.

With the Deep Haven collection growing in popularity—and readers telling me how they wanted to spend more time in the north woods of Minnesota—I turned to John and his wife, Ingrid, and asked, “What stories do you have to tell?”

Ingrid invited me to sit down for a cup of coffee and told me enough tales to fill six books. Like many of my readers, Ingrid and John are in the stage of life where their children are leaving the nest. It’s an exciting yet challenging season as they watch their children become adults, but also as they have to let go and hope their children’s faith becomes their own. I understand their worries and their joys, and I hope you will too as you meet the Christiansen family and watch Ingrid and John guide their adult children into a new season. I just love the Christiansen kids—they remind me of my own!

Here’s a glimpse of the pack.

John Christiansen is the owner of Evergreen Lodge Outfitter and Cabin Rentals (aka Evergreen Resort). John is a former football player and has spent his entire life running the resort, which has been in the family for three generations. It’s a hideaway in the woods, located on beautiful Evergreen Lake, with canoeing, fishing, hiking, and lots of quiet breezes perfect for reading. (I know I’d like to visit!)

Ingrid Christiansen has spent her life raising her six kids, building a life in Deep Haven, and being John’s right-hand gal at the resort. She is the backbone of this series, with her hopes and dreams written in a letter to each of her children at the beginning of each story. Ingrid is the mother we all wish we could have.

Darek Christiansen is the oldest son, a former Hotshot (wildland firefighter)—and that job fits his personality too. “Dare,” as his siblings call him, was the family daredevil, the leader of the pack. His greatest dream was to become a fire boss until he got his hometown girlfriend pregnant, came home and married her. Sadly, as we meet Darek, his wife has been killed in a tragic accident, leaving behind their five-year-old son, Theo (“Tiger”). He’s just trying to be the best father he can be as he takes over the family resort.

Eden Christiansen is the family organizer and cheerleader. She has dreams of being a journalist, but for now she works in the obits department of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Eden appointed herself long ago as her brother Owen’s keeper, and as he makes his way into professional hockey, she’s by his side to cheer him on.

Grace Christiansen is the family chef. She currently works at Pierre’s Pizza and makes a mean spinach pizza—but her dream is to enter the culinary institute in Minneapolis. Out of all the Christiansens, Grace is the peacemaker.

Casper Christiansen is the family scamp. An archaeology major at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, he spends more time hunting for treasure—especially on sunken wrecks. More than anything, he wants to find something rare and invaluable, but for now he’s got Darek’s motorcycle and drifts in and out of school and the resort, trying to find his place.

Owen Christiansen’s entire life is hockey—he’s been playing since he was four, and he recently signed with the Minnesota Wild pro hockey team. Owen is young, brash, and headstrong. He has an amazing future ahead of him if he can manage not to get into trouble.

Amelia Christiansen can’t wait to leave the small town of Deep Haven and become a big-name National Geographic photographer. She won’t go anywhere without a camera or her iPhone, and if her family would stop treating her like a baby and realize she is just as capable as they are, then they’d all get along a lot better.

I hope you’ll pack your bags and escape to Evergreen Resort, share a campfire with the Christiansen family, and join us on the journey where faith and family meet real life.

Thank you for reading!

Susan May Warren


Thanks, Susan, for giving us a peek into the lives of each of these imaginative characters. Can’t wait to delve into the series and discover more. 

Enjoy the video below and join Susan as she unfolds her thoughts behind the Christiansen series.


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