Finding a Healing Place – Thoughts from Author Michèle Phoenix

Please join me in giving a warm welcome to author Michèle Phoenix. This afternoon on the blog, she will share a few insights behind the scenes of her new novel, In Broken Places. If you enjoy women’s fiction with beautiful lyrical writing, Michèle is definitely for you. (And don’t miss out on her book giveaway! More info below.)


What is your latest book about?

In Broken Places is a story of healing and overcoming. Shelby is the survivor of childhood violence. Because of that, she’s spent a good part of her life controlling her environment and steering clear of personal risk. But when, under staggering circumstances, she becomes the legal guardian of a four-year-old girl, she discovers that some of life’s most stunning surprises can also hold its greatest joys. She soon discovers that her past and her present need to be explored and confronted head-on if she’s going to reach the future she suddenly desires.

In Broken Places is written in the first person. Is Shelby a fictional version of you?

She and I are alike in some ways. We share cheesecake cravings, chin obsessions, and a tendency to leave people bewildered. I taught at a high school in Germany for 20 years, so the setting of the novel is intimately familiar to me. The fragile part of Shelby is one I’ve viscerally known. I lived many years among the walking wounded before finding strength and healing. But there are differences, too. More than anything, I want Shelby to be a reflection of all women whose various struggles represent a much greater malaise: dissatisfaction with ourselves with the expectations of others and the often maiming vagaries of life. To me, Shelby symbolizes hope—a woman who has suffered, survived, and grown to thrive.

For people who may not be familiar with your work, what would you want them to know about you and the kinds of stories you write?

My writing is character-based and dialogue-driven. As weighty as some of the plot elements are, I try to balance the seriousness with generous servings of wit and levity. I’m an avid student of the human condition, so you’ll gain an intimate understanding of the characters and breathe with them as they grapple with their demons in a gut-honest and often humorous way.

Thanks, Michèle, for sharing some of your writing insight with us!

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Shaina Turner

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