Free E-Book Alert: Courageous Grace

Courageous Grace


For a limited time, you can download Gayle Haggard’s book, Courageous Grace, for free! This offer ends on 8/24/13.

What’s it about?  Gayle had taught about the nature of grace for many years, but it took a difficult and high-profile family crisis to teach her what grace really is.

Who should read it?  People who want to see what the true nature of grace is, people who want to see what it looks like to come through trials in a godly way, people who want to know how to show grace to the sinners among us

What should you read when you’re done with this? Read Gayle’s memoir of living through a very public crisis, and see how she learned to forgive her husband in Why I Stayed. For a fictional take on forgiving when forgiveness seems impossible, read Susan May Warren’s Take a Chance on Me.


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