Introducing the Leading Lady: Sneak Peek at Francine Rivers’s Upcoming Novel, Bridge to Haven

As a special Monday treat, we’d like to introduce you to the lovely but wounded Abra, the heroine of Francine Rivers’s upcoming novel Bridge to Haven.

As a young girl, Abra struggled to find her place in her small hometown of Haven. . . .

“I study and do my chores and practice piano like a good little girl. That is the sum total of my boring, pathetic life. Haven is the dullest town on earth. When I grow up, I am moving far away to a big city. You will have to come and visit me in New York or New Orleans and see the Mardi Gras! Maybe I’ll go to Hollywood and become a movie star. I want to live somewhere exciting where people have fun!”

Check back on the blog in the coming months as we release sneak peeks, behind the scenes extras, and more—all leading up to the release of Bridge to Haven in April 2014. 

Interested in Bridge to Haven? Don’t miss out on the exclusive sneak peek at the cover.

What do you think of Abra? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Shaina Turner

Shaina Turner

Shaina is the Fiction team's newest addition. In her role as Acquisitions Assistant, she helps facilitate the release of novels, provides feedback to authors on best practices for social media, along with maintaining Tyndale Fiction's Twitter, @Crazy4Fiction. Shaina enjoys reading, both recreationally and the many proposals that come through, and loves to visit the towns she reads about in novels.