Kids Team Profile: Cheryl Kerwin

Today’s kids book team guest post is a Q&A with Cheryl Kerwin Sr. Marketing Manager.



Where are you from originally and what brought you to Tyndale?

I grew up in the central valley of California near Fresno, CA. It’s known as the fruit basket of the world because of all the farm produce grown and harvested there.  It was the perfect place to live because you weren’t too far from the Sierra Nevada mountains and the beach.  I moved to the Chicago area on January 3rd from Pismo Beach, CA. I ask myself often…”Am I crazy?  I moved here from the beach?”


When you were a young child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a teacher, I played school all the time at home with my younger siblings as students, and of course being a bossy older sister they didn’t get very many “A’s”.  I never made it to teaching because I started working at a large Christian bookstore and loved it so I stayed. I’ve been in the bookstore industry ever since and that was 1985!


What was your first paid job?

Working in the fields for my grandfather and dad.  Because we had a large family they figured they had the perfect field crew during the raisin harvest.  I worked in the fields and packing sheds until I started in the bookstore.


What do you like most about your job at Tyndale?

I love working for a company that sticks to its mission, is fiscally responsible and has a focused vision of ministering to the spiritual needs of people.  It’s an honor to work here.

Working alongside an author is probably what I like most. We get to work with some amazing writers, ministers and storytellers.


What is your favorite Tyndale Kids product and why?

One of my favorite Tyndale products is a repackaged version of Big Thoughts for Little People by Tyndale’s founder, Ken Taylor.  This title has been around since 1983 and continues to sell.  All of the illustrations completely illustrate what Dr. Taylor is trying to teach kids and parents about values, character traits and the alphabet.  I could look at the illustrations for hours and not see the same thing twice.



What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

I am almost embarrassed to say what my favorite Christmas tradition is because now-a-days wearing a Christmas sweater in public is mostly a joke.  Since 1985 I have been collecting Christmas sweaters and wearing them from the weekend after Thanksgiving until Christmas day, sometimes without repeating.  When I first started wearing them so many people complimented them and that drove me to buy more, I bought at least one sweater a year for many years.  When I worked retail, customers used to come in just to see what sweater I was wearing that day, it brought the customers and me a lot of joy.  Flash ahead to current day – now-a-days because of the “ugly Christmas sweater” movement, my co-workers have to convince me to bring my sweaters out of storage to wear during the season.  This year I had made the decision to abandon my almost 30 year tradition but after much convincing by my friends I pulled them back out of storage once again to wear proudly.  I have to admit as funny as it sounds these sweaters are like old friends who are visiting for the season.

Adam Sabados

Adam Sabados

Adam is the Digital Media Coordinator at Tyndale. He gets to have fun running social media campaigns, and online advertising. Adam is a graduate of Malone University in Canton, Ohio where he majored in communication arts and was highly involved in the theatre department. He currently lives in Wheaton, IL with his wife Meghan, his son Luke, and their Cavalier pup Banksy. You can follow Adam on Twitter at @AdamSab where you can learn all about his latest improv comedy shows around Chicago, hear about the woes of Ohio sports teams, or catch an insightful blog post or two.