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Rarely does a story come along that continues to grab attention years after it is first introduced.

The story of Minka Disbrow, however, is just that kind of story. This dramatic memoir begins in 1928, when a wonderful class picnic ended in horror for sixteen-year-old Minka—she was raped. Months later, Minka was shocked to learn she was pregnant; she still believed babies were brought by storks. Those close to her decided it was best for her pregnancy to be kept a secret, even from her younger sister.

the waiting

Six weeks after giving birth to her baby girl, whom she named Betty-Jane, Minka gave her daughter up for adoption, a heartbreaking decision for her. Minka faithfully wrote letters for years to the superintendent of the unwed mothers’ home where she had stayed, requesting any news about her daughter. Over the decades, she received only a few vague details.  Although she prayed for Betty Jane throughout her whole life, Minka had no idea that her firstborn, now named Ruth, was thriving under her adopted parents, eventually marrying and having six children.

In 2006, Minka whispered a prayer asking God if she could just see her Betty Jane once more. Across the country at about the same time, Brian Lee was requesting adoption records for his mother, Ruth. The records contained a surprise for Ruth and her family. Much to their amazement, Minka was still alive. In a matter of weeks, after 77 years apart, mother and daughter were finally reunited.

Minka’s story of an endless hope and love for a daughter she never knew until the end of her long life captivates anyone who reads it. With the publishing of Tyndale’s book The Waiting, the story of Minka Disbrow is receiving national attention. Bestselling author Travis Thrasher claims, “An amazing story that proves God hears our prayers and does sometimes give us the desires of our hearts. Written with heartfelt, poetic prose, The Waiting will move you as you read about this unlikeliest of reunions.”

The Waiting continues to receive incredible feedback, including 173 five-star reviews on Amazon (out of a total of 183). Reader’s Digest posted an excerpt of the book close to Mother’s Day, and it became one of the most-read articles in the website’s history. The Facebook posting from Reader’s Digest resulted in over 7,000 likes and 900 shares—record-breaking numbers once again.

The Today Show interviewed Disbrow, her granddaughter Cathy LaGrow, and Ruth and Brian Lee as part of their Mother’s Day programming. Correspondent Jenna Bush-Hager flew out to California to interview the family and share this touching story to millions of viewers. A few days later, the story was once again brought to the spotlight by The New York Post.  

International spotlights have included interviews with Christian Today, based in London, as well as the top-rated Ireland radio broadcast The John Murray Show.


Disbrow’s unwavering faith in finding her daughter is not only a heartwarming story, but beautifully told by her granddaughter. Lisa Weihl, bestselling author and FOX News legal analyst, claims, “A poignant story, masterfully told with heart. Minka’s journey comes to light in this beautiful work. And it is a story to be treasured.”

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Adam Sabados

Adam Sabados

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