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Today’s post is a guest post by Tyndale employee Jamie Placeway.


Because I’ve been married for just about two months, marriage material is fresh on my mind. From the time that my now husband and I got engaged, we were showered with books, articles, or studies from close family and friends who all claimed, “This truly changed the way I approach my marriage.”

We appreciated everyone’s thoughtfulness and examined each book. Some we eagerly dove into, where others are still sitting on our bookshelf, waiting to be read. Although some were more helpful than others, it was nice to have little nuggets of wisdom that we thought could apply to our future life together. However, the more we read, the more things became repetitive and dull—everything blending together into one mess of “marriage preparation.”

Uncommon Marriage presented a unique approach that we hadn’t seen in anything else we’d read. It was refreshing to have a marriage book that was so insightful, yet read just like a novel. Tony and Lauren Dungy take a truly candid approach, switching back and forth between perspectives, to tell their own stories.


In terms of careers and spotlight, the life that my husband and I have could not be more different than the Dungys’ life as a couple. I don’t know what life may hold for us, but I don’t think professional sports, national acclaim, or winning the Super Bowl is in our future. I appreciate that the story of Tony and Lauren is about so much more than where careers have taken them. They do not let this define them. They give a true picture of what it means to put Christ first, family second, and everything else after that.

Their insights are not a list of “do’s and don’ts”. Rather, they take you through their own journey and give real-life examples of how their actions, attitudes, and words have either benefitted or hindered their relationship together. As any couple does, they have to work at their marriage. They have to schedule intentional time together, look at life through the eyes of the other, and love sacrificially. The Dungys also realize that although they have been married thirty years, they are not done learning and growing.

The passion that Tony and Lauren Dungy have to continually grow their marriage has increased my excitement for life with my husband. So whether you are considering marriage, are a newlywed like me, or been married for thirty years, Uncommon Marriage will undoubtedly be one for your nightstand.

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Adam Sabados

Adam Sabados

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