October 2014 Posts

Kid Talk Tuesday: Be Your Own Duck Commander™ Giveaway

Calling all Duck Commander® fans! We hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s Kid Talk Tuesday release party for the Be Your Own Duck Commander™ series by John Luke Robertson. What better way to end October and celebrate fall than by entering for a chance to win a Be Your Own Duck Commander Boxed Set! Good luck and happy reading from the Tyndale Kids team!


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The Ties that Bind: Adventures in Odyssey #58 (5 CD Giveaway!)

Are you ready for the newest installment of the Adventures in Odyssey series? The Ties that Bind: Adventures in Odyssey #58 is here and ready to be transported to your ears.


Description from Tyndale.com:
Who knew that two events could trigger so much drama in Odyssey? Wooton’s announcement about a family of detectives leads to suspicion and intrigue. Whit’s challenge of some popular ideas causes a difficult tug-of-war between conviction and compromise. And the surprise arrival of a few friends and former adversaries creates the perfect blend of excitement, comedy, and important life lessons for everyone.

The Ties That Bind contains 12 all-new episodes exploring questions about God’s design for marriage and family, loyalty, redemption, commitment, and love. It’s a collection for your whole family to enjoy and talk about.

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Kid Talk Tuesday: Inviting Kids (And Adults) To Take a Reading Journey

Our celebration of the release of the Be Your Own Duck Commander™ series continues this week with a special guest post from Travis Thrasher, the writer who collaborated with John Luke Robertson on the series. For more information on these awesome books and the authors, visit www.beyourownduckcommander.com. Stay tuned next week for details on how you can enter to win your own copies of the Be Your Own Duck Commander™ series.


There are lots of great books out there right now on the Robertson family. Most of them tell their family story of how they almost lost everything to how faith kept them strong. Many of the wild characters on their show—Willie, Phil, Uncle Si—have stories told about their lives. But John Luke Robertson, Willie and Korie’s eldest son, wanted to do something different: he wanted to write fiction.

For six months I’d been looking for a way to work with the Robertsons. I’ve been collaborating with lots of different people on book projects and have really enjoyed doing so. I was fortunate to work on a memoir with Mac and Mary Owen, who happen to be best friends with Phil and Kay. After that, I kept thinking how could I do a book with someone from Duck Dynasty?

That’s why when Tyndale House Publishers called about this project, I wondered if I’d told them about my desire. I hadn’t. They just naturally thought I’d be a good fit for writing a book with John Luke Robertson (or that I have the maturity level of a seventeen-year-old). Well, it turns out they were right.

There were lots of ideas thrown around, but the one that kept coming back to us was this idea of doing a modern day Choose Your Own Adventure style story. The kind where readers get to pick and choose which decisions get made. Instead of setting the stories in West Monroe (like the show does), we were able to do crazy things like having Willie go back in time or sending Uncle Si off to space.

It did feel a bit strange writing fiction with real-life characters, but then again, the Robertsons are characters on their show. They each have a persona on Duck Dynasty. And while they act like themselves, they still are very much like characters in a story. So we just made the stories wilder and more creative.

The first question was could we make them outlandish? For instance, could we introduce time travel and ghosts and werewolves and space travel into these books? Once we got everybody’s approval on the ideas, the sky was the limit (pun intended).

But there was a reason John Luke and I wanted to do it this way. It’s because readers out there have lots of distractions. Lots of distractions. They have movies and sports and apps on their tablets and Candy Crush on their phones. There are too many ways to spend your time and not enough hours in the day. So reading can sometimes get pushed aside. Especially if you’re a kid in middle school. Or if you just happen to be a male.

So we wanted these books to be fun and entertaining like the show. But to allow them to do what the show couldn’t—to imagine anything.

We also wanted the books to appeal to both younger readers and their parents. I always imagined a forty-five year old guy who never reads picking up one of these books and laughing his way through it. There are lots of pop culture references that people who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s will get. Like a Pixar movie or the recent Lego Movie, we tried to have lots of jokes parents will get and laugh at.

Writing these four books was like some grand writing experiment. First step: take a Duck Commander. Second step: set him on a wild journey. Third step: ask a hundred what ifs. Fourth step: try and keep track of all the storylines.
The fourth step was often the trickiest step. We’re very thankful for the great editing staff at Tyndale House. They had their work cut out for them!

Working with John Luke Robertson and his family was great. I spent several days in West Monroe working with and brainstorming with John Luke. I still remember the moment where I could see the sparks coming from his brain after we’d been discussing all the different storylines. He finally truly understood the concept and then he went a step further to suggest linking the books together. He’s a really smart kid, unlike the silly persona on the show. (Though I can say he is a crazy driver and that he almost wrecked my small rental car!)

At the end of the day, John Luke and his family want people to know about their values and their faith. Each of our books ends with a positive message much like the end of their show. The journey can be funny and wacky but at the end of the day, you give thanks to God and realize He’s in control. No matter what choices you’ve made.

Our hope is that these books are enjoyed by many and get readers to ask What If in their own lives. Those two words can be very powerful if they’re given over to God. Just ask John Luke’s amazing family. They’re a pretty amazing example of What If.

Kid Talk Tuesday: Q&A with John Luke Robertson, author of Be Your Own Duck Commander™ series

Each week in October on Kid Talk Tuesday we will be celebrating the release of the Be Your Own Duck Commander™ series.  This week’s post features a Q&A with the author, John Luke Robertson.  Don’t forget to check out the series on www.beyourownduckcommander.com.



    What was your inspiration behind the Be Your Own Duck Commander ™ series?

I’ve always loved to read. Many of the books I’ve enjoyed are novels. When I first had the opportunity to talk about doing some books, I wanted to tell some different stories along with getting my foot into the publishing world.

These books were inspired by my love of great stories. They’re a lot of fun and they’re full of a bunch of what ifs. They’re a lot like life that’s full of what ifs. In life you have to make choices. You never know what the other what ifs happen to be, but in these book you get to see what they are!

Who is the target reader for these books?

Really it’s for a younger crowd, but we have something for everybody. We wrote it for not only younger readers and fans of our show but also for adults who love to laugh and be entertained. There are lots of pop culture references that only grown-ups will appreciate. That was one fun aspect of writing these.

Tell me about how these books are structured to engage young readers.

As I said before, they’re full of what ifs. Each book has twenty-something endings. These stories definitely expand your imagination. They help you imagine what might happen. You’ll be flipping around the pages over and over again. They’re kinda more like a game or a puzzle and it’s up to the reader to make it through.

What lessons or truths will your readers find in the pages of these stories?

Every decision has a consequence, good or bad. It’s definitely that way in every story. But more than that, the lessons and truths that our family stands for come out in the stories. Sometimes the choices aren’t necessarily good or bad, but if you have the right thinking or mindset, then the choices you make will turn out okay.

What is your hope for this series?

Hopefully these books will entertain and make people laugh, but will also give a positive message and share our values. The notes from me in the backs of the books are a chance to expand on the message and those values.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Jase always says when it comes to girls and dead animals, the flies come first and then the bees. Wait for the bees. I’m still trying to figure out what that means.

Seriously, my Dad told me this when I was twelve years old: Whatever I do, do it a hundred percent. Either be hot or cold in this world. Don’t be in the middle.

What advice would you give to younger readers?

As you grow up, figure out who you are in God’s eyes, and who you are to everyone else will fall into place/work itself out.

What is the best encouragement that you have received in your life?

Watching my family and how they live—to be creative and spontaneous and kind and loving—it’s an encouragement for me to live like that.

What encouragement would you provide to your readers?

Some of these books are hard to get through and in Phil’s book you might be eaten or turned into a werewolf—but just keep going. They’re sort of a metaphor for life. No matter what life might throw at you, you just gotta keep going and keep a good attitude throughout.

Kid Talk Tuesday: Duck Commander® Faith, Family and Fun for kids is here!

That’s right, you read correctly. Tyndale Kids is releasing the Be Your Own Duck Commander series for kids ages 8-12, but if you ask me, anyone who is a fan of the Duck Commander® family will love these fun interactive stories. Stay tuned all month for fun and exciting news about the series!

Readers become one of the Duck Commander® characters in each zany adventure. Each of the four books presents wacky challenges and gives young readers a variety of paths out of trouble. The series is filled with humor, life lessons, and a fun tone, consistent with the Duck Commander® characters and brand. At the conclusion of each adventure, a faith lesson is delivered by John Luke Robertson.

“It’s really important for kids to read at an early age. It’s all about making the right decisions.” John Luke Robertson

The first book in the series, Willie’s Redneck Time Machine, is a wild, action-packed journey with wise lessons embedded along the way. When Willie finds a mysterious outhouse in the Duck Commander® warehouse, he discovers there’s more to it than meets the eye. Soon he’s traveling through time and space, from his high school prom to biblical times to a futuristic war in the year 2319. Additional adventure books in this series include Phil & the Ghost of Camp Ch-Yo-Ca, Si in Space, and Jase & the Deadliest Hunt.


Each individual book is only $9.99 with a Boxed Set available for $29.99 at your favorite retailer or at www.beyourownduckcommander.com.