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Kid Talk Tuesday: The Greatest Gift Collection Giveaway

To celebrate the start of the Christmas season and the release of Ann Voskamp’s new Advent devotional Unwrapping the Greatest Gift, we are giving away a beautiful set of gifts:
– 1 copy of The Greatest Gift, The Greatest Gift DVD, and Unwrapping the Greatest Gift
– The Greatest Gift Paper Ornament Set

Voskamp Giveaway ornament set 11-25-14
Be sure to visit for more details on these products and more from Ann Voskamp.

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Christmas Traditions – The Greatest Gift

Today’s post is a guest post from Tyndale employee Jamie Placeway.

Like many children, I grew up in a family that celebrated dozens of Christmas traditions. Most were relatively standard, such as baking fresh cinnamon rolls, wearing flannel pajamas, sipping hot chocolate while decorating the Christmas tree, or opening stockings filled with candy.

Other traditions seemed to be unique to our family, such as eating off-brand Fruit Loops on Christmas morning, or performing the Nativity story every year for our parents—complete with baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary, an angel, a wise man, a shepherd, and a narrator. Of course this was captured on film for us to watch and laugh at years down the road.

Being the youngest, I was able to see our Christmas evolve every year. Christmas traditions slowly faded out as siblings were married and couldn’t make it home, and we stopped the Christmas play (it became hard to convince pre-teens to dress up and perform).

For many years, I struggled with the thought that yet another tradition would be lost or our family would not all be together. What would Christmas be without our normal, or not-so normal, traditions?

However, time has helped me to realize that Christmas is not rooted in these traditions. Rather, it is about one moment in history, one perfect gift—the glorious birth of God’s Son. The words of Ann Voskamp so beautifully reminded me of this truth in The Greatest Gift:

Christmas cannot be bought. Christmas cannot be created. Christmas cannot be made by hand, lit up, set out, dreamed up. Christmas can only be found.

In the crèche. In the cradling trough. In the mire and in the stench and in the unexpected—and only in the dawning of Christ.

Despite our circumstances this holiday season, Ann reminds us that Christ is the only one who gives Christmas its meaning. Her book takes us on a journey though the majestic lineage of Jesus, starting with Jesse and leading to the perfect gift of Christmas:

The Christmas candle burns hot, gives its light, gives its Light—and the world lights up, and Christmas goes on forever now.
Christ, the always Gift for all our days.

This Christmas will be the first one I celebrate without my parents and siblings in our home state of California. Rather, I am celebrating with my new husband and family here in Illinois. I am confident in the fact that, although I will be surrounded by different people in a new location, Christmas will always be the same—established in God’s perfect gift.

Beautifully designed and exquisitely written, The Greatest Gift is a treasured reminder that it is Christ and Christ alone who endows Christmas with meaning. The Greatest Gift is a timeless treasure your family will enjoy turning to year after year as you celebrate the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Order your copy of The Greatest Gift now (50% off this week only) as part of our Weekly Deal on

Win a box of blessings for a friend!

This season we’re all about blessing!

In case you missed it we have some great sales going on at Tyndale Direct right now! (Click here to learn more about our Holiday Collection, Mega Deals and Bible Sale).

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Candid Conversations

Life is busy and it seems the busier it gets, the faster time flies. As a parent, it is all too easy to plow through each day and before we know it we look back and see that our child has grown up – sometimes without us realizing it. With all of the influences of the world today, it is all the more reason to slow down and pay attention to who is speaking into the life of our child.
We hear so much about how children and teens today are so busy with technology and sports and activities that they don’t want to talk to their parents. I haven’t actually found that to be true. Every one of my teenage daughter’s friends loves when I ask them questions and want to hear about their lives. They immediately open up and confide their secrets. They are craving and starving for someone to listen and advise. Is it possible that our assumptions about kids today is entirely wrong? Is it possible they are craving for attention and advice and we are missing it?
That is why I love what Focus on the Family is doing with their latest book, Candid Conversations with Connie. Not only is it a fun read for tween girls – full of humor and honesty discussing issues all girls deal with like self-worth, friends and clothing. But they are also providing a free leader’s guide full of fun activities and group discussion questions to encourage parents, small group leaders and teachers to dive into the conversation with the girls.
Girls are starving for attention and direction and Connie provides a fun and non-threatening way to give this to them. Whether you schedule a fun sleep over with a bunch of girls or use it in a Sunday School class, each lesson can be done independently. Why not use it on a car trip or fun “spa” day?
Don’t assume your girls don’t want to talk to you or need your advice. Take a chance and dive in and see what happens.

-Amie Carlson, Tyndale colleague

Download a free leaders guide here.

Kid Talk Tuesday: Holiday Gift Ideas

This week’s Kid Talk Tuesday post is from publishing coordinator Linda MacKillop. 

By now you’ve noticed the stores’ holiday changeover to their Christmas decor, complete with gifts and lights and lots of shiny, glittery items to assist your move into the holiday season and mood. If you’re like most of us, you’re starting to think about your own gift lists and shopping strategy. Let us help you.

Here at Tyndale, we have some gifts that will be sure to please the young ones in your life, whether your own child or a niece, nephew, or friend, while teaching them spiritual truths about the Bible. These books are easily purchased online or in your favorite bookstore.

Unless you live under a rock, you have heard of the television show, Duck Dynasty. Now your kids can enjoy a Duck Dynasty book! In a four-book juvenile fiction series, the popular Robertson family of Duck Commander takes young readers on a zany ride with the ability for the reader to choose their own paths in the books. Written by Phil’s grandson, John Luke Robertson (with Travis Thrasher), these books are all filled with humor and life lessons. Just look at the titles: Willie’s Redneck Time Machine, Phil & the Ghost of Camp Ch-Yo-Ca, Si in Space, and Jase & the Deadliest Hunt. And if you can’t decide, the books also are available in a boxed set.
big thoughts

For the younger crowd, we suggest the classic title, Big Thoughts for Little People. Written by Tyndale’s founder Ken Taylor for his own children, this book uses the alphabet along with colorful illustrations to teach lessons about the Christian life.
my bible animal

And bestselling children’s author, Dandi Daley Mackall, has a new and colorful book called My Bible Animal Storybook. Balancing both fun and spiritual truths, this book presents the timeless Bible stories in a new and refreshing way for your young child. Curl up and enjoy some read-aloud time. Both parent and child will enjoy the take-away!

For the little princesses in your life, we have a number of books from our princess line because girls love tiaras, gowns and all things sparkly! For the girls old enough to leave behind fully-illustrated picture books, Promises for God’s Princess offers 100 devotions that tie into Scriptures and remind girls they are the daughters of King.
my princess

Also in our princess line, Tyndale has two new and adorable titles to offer. Featuring multicultural princesses, My Princesses Learn to Be Brave introduces bullies on the playground while My Princesses Learn to Share tells of a squabble between two girls leading to a dress that rips in half. Both books offer a Bible lesson and a special rhyme while teaching girls they are daughters of the King.

Most important about all of these books, they will promote reading time between parent and child, along with warm memories which will associate books in your child’s mind with good things when he or she grows older.

We hope these book ideas get added to your lists! Don’t forget to savor the season and remember Who we celebrate!