Kid Talk Tuesday: Happy Mother’s Day! – guest post by author Crystal Bowman

Guest post from author Crystal Bowman.

Have you ever heard a mother say, “My job is easy!”? Me neither! From the moment a child enters your home, being a mom is challenging, exhausting, and overwhelming. When I brought my first baby home from the hospital, I felt unprepared and inadequate. It was my responsibility to keep this tiny person alive, and I wasn’t sure I knew how to do it! The stress and anxiety of being a new mom caused me to break out in hives. My doctor told me to relax and chill out, but he was never a mom. Three years later I brought another baby home from the hospital, and four years after that we added one more child to the family.

Why is being a mom so hard? Here are a few reasons I came up with:

– Moms are often sleep deprived, and being tired does not help the cause! Their days are often a series of interruptions, and even though they are busy all the time they feel like they don’t accomplish anything.

– Children are needy. They need to be fed, held, soothed, bathed, dressed, cuddled, played with, and read to. As they get older, add to the above: help with school work, transportation to and from activities, giving advice, refereeing sibling rivalries, and implementing discipline.

– Household chores are demanding. Dishes, bathrooms, bedrooms, floors, clothing, and children do not stay clean for long. Cleaning is a never ending cycle.

But in between all of that are those moments that make being a mom the greatest job in the world! Moms see their baby’s first smile and listen to the first giggle. They hold their toddler’s hands as they take wobbly steps across the kitchen floor. They sing “The ABCs” and “Jesus Loves Me” on their way to the grocery store. They listen to their child’s bedtime prayers and tuck them in with warm hugs and soft goodnight kisses. They answer a million questions and explain why squirrels eat acorns and elephants live in the jungle. They patiently listen and turn pages as their child begins to sound out letters and words in her first beginning reader book. And in a few fast years, moms smile proudly as their child walks across the graduation platform to receive a diploma.

The years of mothering are different for all moms. No two experiences are exactly the same. But one thing a certain—moms need to be thanked and celebrated! Mother’s Day became an annual celebration over a century ago when President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed May 9, 1914, the first Mother’s Day. He encouraged Americans to thank mothers for the job that they do because he recognized their job was not an easy one.

The blessings and benefits far outweigh the challenges of being a mom. It’s nice to be thanked and appreciated, but I would do it again in a heartbeat! And one of the greatest blessings that many moms receive later on in life is getting a new name. I have received that new name. It’s Grandma!

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms and grandmas everywhere!

Her children stand up and call her blessed (Proverbs 31:28, NIRV).


Crystal Bowman is the best-selling author of more than 100 books for children including My Mama and Me, My Grandma and Me, The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers, and My Read and Rhyme Bible Storybook. You can visit her website at or on Facebook.

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