Faith that Sticks Craft Challenge – Post #3

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During a phone conversation with my grandmother, she mentioned the card that I’d recently sent to her. She went on to tell me how much it brightens their day when she and Grandpa receive a card or letter in the mail. (Especially when I include photos of their great-grandkids!)

My grandparents used to spend a lot of their time visiting friends and family, but age and health concerns keep them closer to home these days. I’m still in the stage of life where I think that things are too busy, so it had never occurred to me how lonely my grandparents must feel sometimes.

When I heard about the Faith That Sticks Summer Project, I immediately knew what kind of project I wanted to do! All of us have relatives, friends, or neighbors who are elderly or have health problems that keep them from getting out much. Wouldn’t it be lovely for them to receive a handmade card in their mailbox?

I pulled out a box of blank cards, colored pencils, markers, and the great sticker pack that the folks at Faith That Sticks sent to me. The theme of our stickers was God Made Animals. Perfect stickers for creating fun scenes on cards!

Faith That Sticks 1

I gave each of my kids their own blank card and let them pick out one of the sticker sheets to create their animal scene with. I gave them a little guidance by suggesting that they draw the background for their scene before adding any stickers, but other than that, I just let their creativity take over.

Faith That Sticks 2

It never occurred to me to carry over the decorating to the interior of the card, but my kids tend to think outside the box! My daughter chose an ocean theme for her card, and I love how she incorporated her design into the inside as well.

Faith That Sticks 3


One of my sons created a farm scene on his card. He drew in part of his background before adding stickers, and then drew in the fence once the stickers had been placed. The layering effect really worked!

Faith That Sticks 4
We have a backyard bird feeder that the local birds frequent throughout the year, and that was definitely the inspiration for one of my boys’ card designs! I was also not surprised when my youngest picked the ladybug stickers for his project as he is so fascinated by them. Of course, he used every single sticker on his card as well!

Faith That Sticks 5

Once the cards were completed and signed, we sealed them in their envelopes using a sticker to decorate the envelope flap. I helped address the cards and then they went out to the mailbox.

What I love most about this project is that it gives kids a very concrete way to encourage someone else. We teach our kids the importance of thinking of other people and encouraging each other as we are directed to do in the Bible. But it can be frustrating for them too because it’s hard for kids to think of ways that they can put these things into practice. Making and sending cards to people who are ill or elderly is a fun and practical way for them to do that!

Adam Sabados

Adam Sabados

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