Faith that Sticks Craft Challenge – Post #4

This week’s Faith that Sticks Craft Challenge post is from Johanna Henderson!

With my three children we did two different projects. The first project we made simple wrap arounds for water bottles and then used the Bible based stickers to decorate the bottle. We will be handing some out at out local park to give to others so they can know that God will fill your thirst. He is the living water.


The second project we did is something I have been doing with my kiddos for over three years now- Scrapbook Journaling. I have a book for each of them and it is a place where I we journal about God or make things for the Lord. I also do this on my own and for them in their individual books. Each child told me what they wanted to do and we were able to use these awesome stickers from Tyndale to add amazing things about the Lord.


My oldest son did a 2 page journal spread all on his own.



My middle son did his hand print and then wrote five things that he loved about God in it. I helped cut out his scrapbook paper but he picked everything out and put everything where he wanted it. I wrote in the middle of his hand “Thank you Jesus for Caleb’s Hands”.


My sons all loved the puffy stickers that says power words from Tyndale. That was their favorite!


My youngest son needed needed more help since he is four.


I love using Tyndale Stickers for our scrapbook journals. I love having scripture ready stickers available for my kids to use and read in their journal. God’s word is living and active and I pray that these scriptures will always live in their hearts and minds as they grown in to the people God has made them to be! Loving God and Loving others!

Adam Sabados

Adam Sabados

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