Girl in the Song (Free First Chapter Download)



“Even after the song ended, its melody and message followed me, clung to me. I began taking inventory of every part of myself, feeling more and more uncertain about who the girl was under the makeup and fancy clothes. I was so unsure whether or not I could be what I wanted more than anything. Even more than wanting to be the beautiful image in the magazine — I wanted to be the girl in the song.”

Chrissy Cymbala Toledo’s memoir tells of her life as the beloved daughter of Jim and Carol Cymbala, surrounded by a vibrant church family at the Brooklyn Tabernacle. Her childhood was full of warmth, affection, and love. Then something happened that drew her away from this sanctuary. She fell deeper into deception and became entangled in the grip of an obsessive relationship. Secret after secret led her to a life she didn’t recognize, alone and afraid. Then she found blessed release from a surprising source.

More than telling the story of a lost girl, Chrissy reminds us of the power of hope to lead us away from destructive relationships and into a life of freedom in Christ.

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