September GIVEAWAY

Calling all girls! This month, we’re giving away two books, both of which are packed with conversations about God, girl stuff and growing up. Enter below for your chance to win these titles for your loved one! september-giveaway

Candid Conversations with Connie (Volume 1) is a Q&A-style book written for girls ages 8-12, with questions answered by Connie (from Adventures in Odyssey), along with her friend Penny!  This book will help girls see that the questions they have and the daily battles they face are normal, and that they’re not alone in the experiences they’re having in the crazy phase of life that is growing up. Each chapter concludes with a devotional/journal section, giving girls time to reflect on what they’ve learned.

Love, Lexi follows seventh grader Alexis Dawn Cooper (Lexi) as she navigates middle school and being a middle child. But this is no ordinary middle-school novel. Rather, it is a unique combination of a fictional story combined with a devotional and journal to allow readers to watch Lexi learn to seek God first above all else, while writing their own letters to God. Love, Lexi draws young people into Lexi’s life as they contemplate their own place in God’s eyes.

Love, Lexi and Candid Conversations with Connie Giveaway