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  • The Chuck Norris Birthday Contest

    Posted on March 10th, 2010



    Chuck Norris is  celebrating his 70th Birthday today!

    So we’re giving away copies of The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book to celebrate.

     There are two ways to win a copy of Chuck’s book:

    – Share your best Chuck Norris birthday fact in the comments of this blog or on our Tyndale Facebook page (!/pages/Carol-Stream-IL/Tyndale-House-Publishers/35919771991?ref=ts).
    – Create your own birthday greeting video for Chuck Norris and post the link to the video in the blog comments.

    We will choose five of the most creative birthday facts or videos to receive a copy of The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book. Please keep your videos and birthday facts family-friendly! Any inappropriate content will disqualify your entry.

    The contest ends at 4:00 PM CT today. Good luck, and happy birthday to Chuck! :)

    • Aaron

      Chuchk Norris doesn’t sweat bullets, he makes bullets sweat.

    • chilipadi

      Aw, Shucks! I just turned 60+. Can’t wait to be 70 and looking just as healthy as you. Of course having your exercise machine will help attain that wish. Unfortunately, after having spent a fortune at UC Berkeley for two wonderful children I am now content to get to 70 through morning walks. Happy Birthday and Congratulations, Mr. Walker.

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    • Rick

      In the Bible the number seven (7) signifies completeness. Chuck is the perfect Ten times what is considered complete!So we can say Chuck, by the Grace of God, is complete indeed!

    • Dave Aldrich




      and A.C.

      Happy Birthday, Chuck!

    • Elaine Kontra

      Chuck Norris doesn’t need Social Security, Social Security needs him

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    • Michael

      It isn’t Chuck Norris’ birthday today, it’s his yearly apology to the obstetrician for knocking him out with a roundhouse kick coming out 70 yrs ago.

    • John

      Wow, another year celebrates a Chuck Norris! Congratulations 2010!

    • Vlad

      A new year doesn’t start on january 1st, it does today.

    • Anthony Trendl

      No one throws Chuck Norris a party. He throws it… far.

    • Anthony Trendl

      When Chuck Norris goes to someone else’s birthday party, the host gives him a gift.

      When Chuck Norris wishes someone, “Happy Birthday,” they are happy… all year.

      Chuck Norris doesn’t get older. The world gets younger.

    • Anthony Trendl

      When Chuck Norris was born, everyone else cried.

    • Steve

      When the birthday candles on Chuck Norris’ cake saw him coming, they blew themselves out. Happy birthday!

    • Craig

      Chuck Norris didn’t turn 70 . . . he twisted it until it cried “Uncle.”

    • Tim Hansel

      Chuck Norris stopped aging at 27. He just keeps anniversaries of this birthday so the rest of us don’t feel bad

    • Steve

      Chuck Norris doesn’t want any birthday presents, just 70 volunteers to die by his massive roundhouse kick

    • Kevin Rojas

      Chuck Norris birthday fact:

      The last time Chuck Norris blew out some candles, we called it climate change.

    • Zach

      Chuck Norris’ birthday is being held on his home planet of Norrto. FACT: That planet is in it’s own galaxy, all of the other planets ‘mysteriously disappeared’.

    • John

      Chuck Norris was going to star in the movie ‘300’ until the director realized the title would need to be changed to ‘1’.