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5 Letter-Writing Prompts for Kids (Plus Free Stationary Printable!)

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letter writing stationary with just sayin Is there anything more fun than getting a letter in the mail from a friend? In this world of quick text messages and social media posts, a note written on paper and dropped in the mail can brighten the day of both the sender and the recipient.

In Just Sayin’, the main character Cassie isn’t allowed to use a cell phone. That means that when her friend Nick moves away, the only way she can communicate with him is through letters. Just Sayin’ is an epistolary novel, which means it is told entirely through letters written by the book characters. As Cassie and Nick write their letters, they start to understand that words can hurt and heal those around them. They also learn that writing and receiving letters is a really fun way to communicate!

Letter writing is a great way to teach kids to think about others, but the thought of sitting down and looking at a blank page can be intimidating. To make letter writing a little easier, we created some cool printable stationary for kids! The stationary has blanks to guide your child through the proper formatting of a letter. Encourage your kids to show their creativity as they write their letter. Use the stationary as a jumping off point, but allow them to play with the format as they write!

From the Desk Of: This is for their name, of course! They might want to put their full name for a more formal effect, or perhaps they want to put a nick name, or even a made-up name!

Date: Write the date the letter is written, or maybe they could write the occasion. It could be March 15 or “My Birthday.”

Location: The location could be their address, or maybe “my house,” “Planet Earth,” or “by the lake.”

Dear _____ : This is where they write the name of the recipient. It could be the recipient’s real name or a fun nickname.

The Body of the Letter: This is where your kids can really let their imagination run wild, but it can also be challenging to think of something to write to fill up all that space. Try these prompts with your kids! Remind them that the letter should be about both them and the person who will receive the letter. They can tell the recipient about their own lives, but don’t forget to ask questions!

I think the tastiest food is _____. The best place to eat this food is _____ with ______. What is your favorite food?

My favorite place to go is _____. To get there, I have to ______. When I am there, I love to ______. Where is your favorite place to travel to?

The best present I ever got was _______. ______ gave it to me. I love to use it to _____. What is your favorite gift you’ve ever received?

My favorite subject in school is _______. I like it because I learn about _______. What is your favorite subject?

When I grow up, I want to be a _______. I think this is a good job for me because _______. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Sincerely, _____ : “Sincerely” means “honestly.” To sign your name to a letter means that you meant everything you said! Encourage them to use their own special signature that is unique to them. Maybe that means they use cursive, or maybe they dot their Is with hearts or stars!

P.S.: P.S. stands for “postscript” which means “after the rest of the letter.” This is where they can write an additional note to their friends. Some great examples of postscripts are…

Oh, I forgot to tell you…

I can’t wait to see you next time we…

Don’t forget to…

I will pray for you when you…

Good luck on…

Download your free Just Sayin’ stationary here or click on the picture below.  and give your kids the gift of letter-writing. Be sure to let us know if you download the stationary! Post a picture and tag us on social media with #tyndalekids.

just sayin stationary

Looking for more books to encourage young writers? Check out Love, Lexi: Letters to God and Larger-than-Life Lara!

Have a Family Fun Night with The Story Travelers Bible!

In The Story Travelers Bible, the Story Travelers—Lana Griffin and Munch—hop on an extraordinary bus and take a tour through some of the greatest stories in the Bible.

The kids watch Noah build his ark, see Moses discover the burning bush, and stand on the shore as John baptizes Jesus.

If you don’t have a time-traveling bus like the Story Travelers, you can still take your kids on a trip through Bible times with a family fun night!

Make biblical foods, turn your living room into a game board with The Story Travelers Printable Game, and then finish up with a bedtime story from the book.

For biblical foods, make authentic Middle Eastern food like lentil stew and roast fish, or try some themed food like “quail and manna” chicken and dumplings or some “locust and honey” sweet rolls. Hummus and pita bread are simple and always a win with kids! 

Then, download and print the Story Travelers game. You and your kids are the pieces in this game where the players must act out Bible events to make it to the finish line.

You can make the game as long or as short as you want by printing out extra blank spaces!

The game could go over furniture, under tables, up stairs, or even outside!

Finish your night with a bedtime story from The Story Travelers Bible.

Choose a favorite story, or pick the one that your kids had the most fun acting out.

What to Eat:

What to Play:

What to Read:

Read a story from The Story Travelers Bible that goes along with one of the night’s activities, or pick one of these classic favorites!

  • “An Overnight Stop in the Den of Lions,” p. 163
  • “A Very Long Walk for a Queen,” p. 167
  • “Staying with Friends,” p. 239
  • “Children Welcome,” p. 243

We’d love to see your kids playing The Story Travelers Game! Tag #tyndalekids when you share photos on social media!

A Mother’s Prayer

TyndaleKidsMotherhood is a big job, and you may worry if you’re doing enough: if you’re packing Instagrammable lunches, if you’re throwing Pinterest-worthy parties, if your kids are hitting the same milestones that your Facebook friends’ kids are. There is so much pressure to present the picture of a perfect family to the world, and that pressure falls directly on you, the mom. Of course you feel exhausted! Instead of trying to do everything on your own strength, be encouraged to ask your Father for help. If anyone can handle the parental pressure, He can.

Tyndale authors Crystal Bowman and Teri McKinley wrote a prayer for mothers that can help you cast some of your worries on the Lord. The prayer guides you through praying that the Lord would keep your children safe, that they would have strong spiritual lives, and that He would give them wisdom. The prayer also guides you to ask for your own patience, strength, and grace, and that the Lord would keep your family strong. Social-media-worthy events are a fun bonus for your kids, but what they really need is a mom who teaches them to rely on their God. When the pressures of motherhood start to make you feel frazzled, you can pull out this prayer and let it help refocus you.


Download this free printable and hang it somewhere to remind you that you don’t have to handle this motherhood thing all on your own.

Make a Road Trip Activity Kit for Your Kids!


Like most kids, I grew up going on long car rides with my family. When things between my sisters and me got a little too rowdy, my dad would often announce that it was time to play Can’t Talk Until You See!

Can’t Talk Until You See was a more competitive version of Eye Spy, where one person would pick a clue (a green mailbox, the letter U, etc.) and everyone tried to be the first to find the item.

There was one major parental advantage to Can’t Talk Until You See: Everyone in the car had to be quiet until the clue was found.

My parents, the geniuses that they were, gamified silence. It wasn’t until my midtwenties that I realized this wasn’t a game that everyone played.

While I stand by the idea that Can’t Talk Until You See was an ingenious game, it’s never a bad idea to have something a little less competitive ready for long car rides.

Bible Sleuth: Old Testament and Bible Sleuth: New Testament are seek-and-find books featuring Mike, an adventurous kid who travels through time to observe some of the greatest stories of the Bible.

Each spread tells a Bible story and gives kids eight items to search for in the detailed illustrations.

It’s the perfect addition to any road trip activity kit!

To make an activity kit, find an inexpensive canvas bag that you can hang over the headrest of your car. You could even buy one for each of your kids and let them decorate it with fabric markers.

Pack your activity kit with things like . . .

  • A dollar store sheet pan, which can act as a canvas for magnetic letters or games
  • Washable markers, colored pencils, and a pencil sharpener (be careful of using crayons that might melt in hot cars)
  • Coloring books (like this one by Ellen Elliott!)
  • Pipe cleaners or Wikki Stix
  • Small toys like race cars or finger puppets
  • Beads to be sorted or strung on necklaces
  • Sticker or activity books (click here to see some fun, faith-based examples!)
  • Paper for License Plate Bingo or other simple paper and pen games
  • A seek-and-find book like Bible Sleuth: Old Testament and Bible Sleuth: New Testament

For more road trip entertainment for your little ones, head to

Teach Your Toddler to Show Love with Where Does Love Hide?

TyndaleKidsChildren can understand love at a very young age. They know that their parents love them, and they know that they are taken care of and protected. The key is teaching children how to take what they’ve learned about love and express that love to their friends and family.

In Where Does Love Hide by Mary Manz Simon, she teaches children that they can do more than just receive love, they can give love, too! Simon writes about practical, age-appropriate ways that toddlers can show love. Each activity is hidden behind a charming lift-the-flap, and includes a short memory verse that your toddler can understand.

You can teach your toddler even more about showing love with this fun activity!

Finding Kindness Game

You will need…

  • Our downloadable kindness clues (Download them here!)
  • A dozen plastic Easter eggs
  • Scissors
  • Candies or small treats (optional)


  1. Cut out the kindness clues and tuck them inside the plastic Easter eggs. You can write your own prompts in the blanks, or hide treats in the other half dozen eggs.
  2. Hide the eggs around a room. Remember to think like a toddler! Hide the eggs where they can easily reach them.
  3. Help your toddler find the eggs. As they find the eggs, read the prompts and complete the activity. Talk to your toddler about how they can show love through their actions. Explain to them that we love each other because Jesus loved us first (1 John 4:19).


PackagingIn Where Does Love Hide? children are reminded that they not only receive love but have the opportunity to share love. Looking under the fun, lift-a-flap feature, children will see examples of everyday love opportunities. Each page includes a memory verse and an example of a way to share God’s love! Learn more at