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Hymns for Every Day of the Year from The One Year Book of Hymns

The celebrated songs of our Christian faith express timeless truths.

The One Year Book of Hymns shares them in a brand new way! Each day’s devotional includes the text of a classic hymn or song, the inside story about the author or origin of the song, and a related Scripture passage.

You’ll be refreshed by the mighty words that have uplifted God’s people through the ages.

Click on the image below to download these beautiful songs:

There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood by William Cowper (1731–1800)

Am I a Soldier of the Cross? by Isaac Watts (1674-1748)

Wonderful Grace of Jesus by Haldor Lillenas (1885–1959)

I Will Sing of My Redeemer by Philip Paul Bliss (1838–1876)

I Know That My Redeemer Lives by Samuel Medley (1738–1799)

Redeemed by Fanny Jane Crosby (1820–1915)

My Faith Looks Up to Thee by Ray Palmer (1808–1887)

Depth of Mercy! by Charles Wesley (1707–1788)

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Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

The following post is from A Day at the Beach Devotional by Jedd and Todd Hafer. Save 20% when you order the devotional in April 2017!

You’ve folded that last T-shirt, paid all of your bills, and (finally) replaced the lifeless light bulb.

Caught up on e-mail? Check.

Urgent call returned? Affirmative.

Then, instead of crossing a few more tasks off your to-do list, you smile.

Breathe deeply.

You feel satisfied, centered—like you’ve just finished final exams and summer vacation lies ahead.

Being faithful in even the small things?

Such devotion elicits a reward . . . a hard-earned break.

Somewhere, there is a beach with your name on it.

True, you haven’t cured a disease or solved world hunger, but you’ve done something well.

Your home, your life—brand it as more organized and efficient. Better.

For this, it’s good to thank God.

In the common tasks of every day we can find ourselves at our most focused, disciplined, and poised as we work to move our lives forward.

Keeping the shore in view and not drifting out to sea.

This is about bringing skill and dedication and, yes, love to the mundane.

This is transforming the mundane into the meaningful.

Do you love every one of your daily tasks? Probably not.

Most of them are no day at the beach.

But can you do every task with love—love for a spouse, a child, and life itself? Yes.

Can you do it with love for God, who makes it all possible?

Yes. Most definitely, yes.

When we are present in the everyday moments, we find that God is present with us.

And where God is, the flicker of a holy flame can help us see the commonplace in a whole new light.

“Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.” Matthew 6:21



Download the entire first chapter of A Day at the Beach HERE. Learn more about the devotional and the Hafer brothers on Browse all devotionals HERE.


Help for Moms on Their Last Nerve

Don’t Do It for the Kids.

We went to both Disneyland and Disney World for the kids. We made multiple trips to the zoo, and for years we rode roller coasters at Six Flags Over Texas. We took in a wide variety of water parks, including one with a natural-fed spring that made us feel as if we were slipping into a slushy. We did all of this for our kids.

What we didn’t do was go to church for them. We went to church for us.

I visited with a woman recently who shared with me that she didn’t enjoy going to church. I think she said it was boring. When I asked her why they continued to go, she said, “We do it for the kids.” Hmm . . .

Going to church for the kids is like feeding them gummy bears and Kool-Aid while you sit and starve. Neither of you will get the nourishment you need.

When you choose to get nothing out of the sermon and fail to connect to the almighty God, you end up famished. If there’s anything positive about the experience for the kids, it’s likely just a sugarcoated shell.

To raise our children in a God-honoring Christian home, Steve and I had to feed our own souls first. We needed to attend a church that felt like home. We needed outstanding sermons that challenged us to learn. We needed music that moved us to worship. We needed a small group to hold us accountable and to connect us with other believers whom we in turn could love on. We needed teachers to guide us in our studies and show us how to apply what we learned.

We had to be intrigued. We had to be challenged—intellectually and spiritually. We needed to be in an environment where we could “open” ourselves to the Word of God.

To lead our children, we had to first be led.

As the kids grew older, youth programs and camps were important and kept them involved, but it was those sermons that we heard together as a family that were discussed over Sunday lunch. And it was those messages that built our foundation and insight into God’s faithful love that carried us all when we needed it the most.

The Lord says, “These people say they are mine. They honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. And their worship of me is nothing but man-made rules learned by rote.” Isaiah 29:13

Our children will not be able to vouch for us at the pearly gates. Worship from the heart, not just the lips. And don’t go to church for the kids.


This devotional is from Lord, Have Mercy by Ellen Miller. Read more on and save 20% when you order the book in April 2017!



Teach Your Kids about Forgiveness

Forgiveness is an important topic to share with your children, and 90 Devotions for Kids provides fun, Bible-based devotions for families that will encourage children to spend time learning more about God.

Take a peak inside by clicking on the image below to download a special devotional about forgiveness.

AIO’s 90 Devotions for Kids includes thirteen weeks of devotions. Sidebars from Odyssey favorites Wooton, Whit, Connie, and Eugene provide friendly suggestions for life applications.

Each week has an individual theme and will include an overview to introduce the theme, seven devotions that reference AIO dramas, and an activity, puzzle, or game to reinforce the core biblical truths taught during the week.

Parents will find the tools they need to help start children on a path toward regular time alone with God, and families will be encouraged to spend time together as they share the daily readings.

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3 Ways to Pray with More Focus

The following devotional is from
Lord, Have Mercy by Ellen Miller, originally titled ADD Prayers.

Father, I come before you . . . Did I put the kids’ dentist appointments on the calendar? . . . Father, I come before you, praising you . . . I wonder what happened at PTA last night . . . I humbly lift . . . I can’t believe my mother said that to me . . . I humbly lift my friend Emma to you; please comfort her . . . I have to remember to pick up milk after carpool today . . . Lord, please watch over Emma. Amen.

I am ashamed to admit that this is how some of my prayers go. I am communing with God Almighty, and my mind wanders to milk. What must he think of me and my ADD prayers? If I had a conversation like this with a girlfriend, she’d hang up the phone!

Praise God he doesn’t. He stays on the line. But that doesn’t let me off the hook.

I don’t suffer from actual ADD, which is a serious condition for many people. However, when I can’t clear my mind long enough to get through a three-minute prayer with my God, I am showing him disrespect. Hmm . . . that puts a different spin on multitasking, doesn’t it? After realizing I struggle to stay focused during my prayer time, I’ve found a few things that can help us avoid ADD prayers.

Write out your prayers. 

Whether I write in longhand or type, this exercise helps me think carefully about my praises and petitions to God. Not only is writing out prayers revealing, but as you look back over them, sometimes years later, you will be blessed to see God’s provision and your own spiritual growth. You may also be humbled to see how infrequently you simply praise him. Keeping a record of your prayers can be instructional and convicting.

Pray Scripture.

At times I am not sure how to pray—either for myself or for others. This is when I turn to a Scripture that relates to the need. Frequently, I realize I should be praying Jesus’ own prayer (with my commentary in parentheses):

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name (I praise you, the one, holy true God!),

your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. (I surrender my will to yours; you know best.),

Give us today our daily bread. (Thank you for providing me all I need.)

And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. (I am humbled to be forgiven, and I commit to forgive others.)

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. (Protect and strengthen me so I may avoid sin.) Matthew 6:9-13

The Lord’s Prayer is like the superstore of prayers!

Last, pray with someone.

If you’ve ever been in a crisis, you know the power of someone praying over you. During the years that Scott was missing, I couldn’t pray for entire weeks at a time. I was completely prayed out! When I shared the condition of my soul, a woman in my Bible study said, “Ellen, stop praying. Rest. I’m standing in the gap for you.” What a relief! It was a blessing unlike any other I had received. To this day, when I sense a sister is “prayed out,” I offer to stand in the gap for her.

Accept my prayer as incense offered to you, and my upraised hands as an evening offering. Psalm 141:2

We are powerless without powerful prayer, so let’s get our ADD under control.


In Lord, Have Mercy, popular author Ellen Miller writes to moms who could use a good laugh (and sometimes a good cry) as they live through the trials and triumphs of parenting in the 21st century. All-too-real, always honest, and often hilarious, each devotional is filled with personal stories to remind you that God is with you in both the big and small moments of motherhood—especially when you’re on your last nerve!

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