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If you haven’t yet received your free PDF of Becoming MomStrong, be sure to visit our launch group Facebook page and download it – click here to download.

This launch team toolkit page will provide you everything you need to help Becoming MomStrong have a successful launch!

Launch Team Activities

Priority #1Write an Amazon Review on September 19th

One of the best actions to help Becoming MomStrong become more visible on Amazon is to collect as many reviews as possible on one specific day. Amazon will see the activity and automatically make the book more searchable and increase its ranking.

Things to know before you submit your review:

  • If you haven’t finished reading the book please feel free to still leave a review. Just give your opinion of the book to the point you’ve reached.
  • Feel free to disclose that you were given a free, early copy/review copy of the book (there should be an option somewhere to do so)
  • Please be honest with your rating and don’t feel pressured to write a positive or 5­ star review. Every review helps!
  • Please use this page on Amazon, to leave your review:

How ­to submit your review on Amazon:

  1. You must have purchased something from Amazon in the past​ in order to leave a review (on ANY product—it doesn’t have to be OF the product you wish to review).
  2. Go to the product detail page​ for the book on
  3. Click Write a customer review ​in the Customer Reviews section.
  4. Click Submit​.

Priority #2 – Social Media Support

We would greatly appreciate it if you would share posts, images, and links liberally during the time leading up to, on, and after the launch date of September 19th. We’ve made a few sample posts for you to copy and paste, but feel free to create your own posts.

Download these images to share – click to download (we’ll add more as we get closer to the launch date!)


Sample Facebook Posts:

My friend Heidi St. John wrote a book especially for moms who need God’s strength to raise kids in today’s culture. Find help and answers in her book, Becoming MomStrong, which just released today! Learn more:

Calling all moms! Have you ever looked into the faces of the people who call you “mom” and wondered what in the world you got yourself into? Get ready to find new strength as you join Heidi St. John in #BecomingMomStrong! Learn more –

Join me in #BecomingMomStrong with author Heidi St. John! In her new book, Becoming MomStrong, Heidi offers biblical wisdom and practical advice on how to tackle motherhood – with God’s strength and not your own. Get your copy today –

Hey friends! Have you found yourself increasingly frustrated with trying to tackle motherhood in today’s cultural climate? I know I have – this motherhood thing is not always easy stuff! If you’re looking for some encouragement, I have just the book for you! #BecomingMomStrong by author Heidi St. John addressed many of my fears and insecurities, and really helped me learn to rely on God’s strength in my parenting instead of my own.  Get your copy today at your favorite retailer!


I’m going to be honest with you: motherhood is a battle that I don’t always feel prepared to fight. Try as I might, when relying on my own power, I never seem to measure up. I just finished reading #BecomingMomStrong by Heidi St. John, and was reminded that I don’t have to do this motherhood thing on my own! Speaking from her own experience as a homeschool mom of seven (yes, seven!), Heidi’s book is packed with relatable anecdotes and biblical wisdom, reminding us moms to become strong in the Lord so that we can impart that strength to our kids. Click here to learn more:

Instagram Sample Posts:

I’m love this new, beautiful book by @heidistjohn! If you’re a mom looking for encouragement and renewed strength, #BecomingMomStrong is the book for you. Get your copy today! Link in bio. #MomStrongBook #HeidiStJohn #MomLife

My friend @heidistjohn just released her book, #BecomingMomStrong! Join me in learning from Heidi on how we as moms can become strong in the Lord and impart that strength to our kids. Link in bio. #MomStrongBook #HeidiStJohn #MomLife

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding raising kids to love the Lord amidst today’s cultural climate to be quite the challenge! Author @heidistjohn understands the frustrations and fears that come with motherhood, and is here to help! Join me in soaking up the biblical wisdom Heidi has to offer in her new book, #BecomingMomStrong! Link in bio. #MomStrongBook #HeidiStJohn #MomLife

Twitter Sample Posts:

Calling all moms! @heidistjohn’s new book, #BecomingMomStrong, is finally here! Get your copy today:

My friend @heidistjohn wrote a book about Christian motherhood in today’s culture. Join me in #BecomingMomStrong today!

I’m in love with this new, beautiful book by @heidistjohn! Start on the journey to #BecomingMomStrong today; get your copy now!


Priority #3 – Join us as we discuss the book together!

Each week on the launch group Facebook page, join Heidi in discussing chapters from Becoming MomStrong.

Here’s the discussion schedule: