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Hymns for Every Day of the Year from The One Year Book of Hymns

The celebrated songs of our Christian faith express timeless truths.

The One Year Book of Hymns shares them in a brand new way! Each day’s devotional includes the text of a classic hymn or song, the inside story about the author or origin of the song, and a related Scripture passage.

You’ll be refreshed by the mighty words that have uplifted God’s people through the ages.

Click on the image below to download these beautiful songs:

There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood by William Cowper (1731–1800)

Am I a Soldier of the Cross? by Isaac Watts (1674-1748)

Wonderful Grace of Jesus by Haldor Lillenas (1885–1959)

I Will Sing of My Redeemer by Philip Paul Bliss (1838–1876)

I Know That My Redeemer Lives by Samuel Medley (1738–1799)

Redeemed by Fanny Jane Crosby (1820–1915)

My Faith Looks Up to Thee by Ray Palmer (1808–1887)

Depth of Mercy! by Charles Wesley (1707–1788)

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Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

The following post is from A Day at the Beach Devotional by Jedd and Todd Hafer. Save 20% when you order the devotional in April 2017!

You’ve folded that last T-shirt, paid all of your bills, and (finally) replaced the lifeless light bulb.

Caught up on e-mail? Check.

Urgent call returned? Affirmative.

Then, instead of crossing a few more tasks off your to-do list, you smile.

Breathe deeply.

You feel satisfied, centered—like you’ve just finished final exams and summer vacation lies ahead.

Being faithful in even the small things?

Such devotion elicits a reward . . . a hard-earned break.

Somewhere, there is a beach with your name on it.

True, you haven’t cured a disease or solved world hunger, but you’ve done something well.

Your home, your life—brand it as more organized and efficient. Better.

For this, it’s good to thank God.

In the common tasks of every day we can find ourselves at our most focused, disciplined, and poised as we work to move our lives forward.

Keeping the shore in view and not drifting out to sea.

This is about bringing skill and dedication and, yes, love to the mundane.

This is transforming the mundane into the meaningful.

Do you love every one of your daily tasks? Probably not.

Most of them are no day at the beach.

But can you do every task with love—love for a spouse, a child, and life itself? Yes.

Can you do it with love for God, who makes it all possible?

Yes. Most definitely, yes.

When we are present in the everyday moments, we find that God is present with us.

And where God is, the flicker of a holy flame can help us see the commonplace in a whole new light.

“Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.” Matthew 6:21



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There’s No Easy Jesus

Many Christians share a secret. Few of us dare to speak it out loud, because doing so would feel like taking a slap at God—and it wouldn’t make us look good either. Yet this secret is affecting us painfully on the inside every single day.

Here it is: Believing in Jesus has left us disappointed.


At one point we were thrilled and hopeful about living a life of trusting in Christ. But over time our experience has failed to live up to our expectations or make the difference we thought it would.

So we’ve begun to think: “This can’t be all there is to being a Christian.”

If that’s what you’ve been thinking… you’re right.

Jason Mitchell invites you to move forward when you’re bored, disillusioned, and beaten down by faith-as-usual.

It’s a clarion challenge to wake up each day and choose Jesus all over again; to make the tough, gritty choices that align your way with His and lead to true fullness of life.

Because when you decided to follow Jesus, you didn’t sign up for what was easiest–you signed up for what was best.

Download Chapter 1 for FREE and save 20% when you purchase No Easy Jesus on in March!



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10 New Books to Order for Your Children’s Ministry

TyndaleKidsEvery children’s ministry benefits from creative, easy-to-understand Bible stories. These titles are perfect for Sunday school classrooms or Christian preschools! Check out other Kids titles on

The Beautiful Garden of Eden  by Gary Bower
The Faith that God Built series by Gary Bower uses the same whimsical style of storytelling as The House that Jack Built, using rhyme to introduce preschoolers through second graders to favorite Bible stories. The Beautiful Garden of Eden tells the story of Adam and Eve’s disobedience, allowing sin to ruin what was perfect and beautiful.

Where Does Love Hide? by Mary Manz Simon
In Where Does Love Hide? children are reminded that they not only receive love but have the opportunity to share love. Looking under the fun, lift-a-flap feature, children will see examples of everyday love opportunities. Each page includes a memory verse and an example of a way to share God’s love.



There is always another side to a story! Bestselling children’s author Dandi Daley Mackall presents three classic Bible stories in two-sided flip books designed to tell the same story twice from two different, biblical points of view. Utilizing humor, adorable illustrations, and an innovative format, these books provide readers with the added bonus of two books in one.


I Can Be Kind by Amie Carlson

Scripture teaches us to love our neighbors by treating them with kindness and respect. One aspect of kindness includes manners. I Can Be Kind is a great resource for parents, grandparents, and Sunday school teachers as they seek to develop these behaviors in their children.

Sit for a Bit Series by Kathryn O’Brien: Give Thanks, I Can, and Be Still
This series will turn Bible memorization from a duty to a delight for children with Kathryn O’Brien’s unique teaching strategy. Each book builds a meaningful connection between God’s Word and a child’s life experiences, laying a foundation for a love and comprehension of Scripture.


The Play-Along Bible by Bob Hartman
The Play-Along Bible inspires children’s imaginations while growing their understanding of and love for God’s Word. Through simple hand motions, facial expressions, verbal exclamations, and funny noises, kids can participate and respond to God’s amazing story.

Just Like Jesus Bible Storybook by Stephen Elkins
Just Like Jesus Bible Storybook is a collection of stories that will inspire kids to take on the character of Jesus. Each lesson features a “Jesus in the Bible” story that shows Jesus’ character and how He acted in particular situations and ends with a short prayer through which children can ask God to help them develop the character of Jesus.

PackagingYour Magnificent Chooser by John Ortberg

We all have choices to make every day, even the youngest children. John Ortberg addresses the ability to choose in a whimsical way by inviting children to use their “magnificent chooser” that God gave them to make right choices daily.

PackagingThe Story Travelers Bible by Tracey Madder
The Story Travelers Bible teaches kids that the Bible is more than just a bunch of tales told by parents and Sunday school teachers, but the Bible documents God’s work in and for His people from the beginning of time.




Happy Day Book Series

Explore the world of Happy Days Books – filled with fun-to-read stories that teach Christian values.






Limping Along: What Happens When We Allow Things to Entangle Us by Francine Rivers

Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

So a friend called from Hawaii and told me about an injured seagull she saw on the beach.
The poor bird couldn’t walk at all but flutter-hopped in its quest for food.

On closer examination, my friend saw that fishing line entangled the bird’s legs, hobbling it.

She approached slowly, extending her hand in the hope she could remove the line and do something about the bird’s wounds. Frightened, the gull flew off, legs still hobbled and infected.

Sometimes we are like that poor seagull.

We become entangled in bad habits or addictions, in destructive relationships or all manner of fears.

We peck away at our daily tasks, trying to forget the pain. All the while the infection of sin is growing and going deeper until it threatens to destroy us.

The seagull flew away from my friend, who wanted to untangle the fishing line and wash the wounds.

We too often turn away from those who want to help us—and even from God, who is the only One who really can get rid of our sin.

Sometimes we turn away out of fear, other times out of shame.

More often, we turn our backs because of our pride.

We don’t want others to see us at our ugly worst, so we limp along, pretending we’re just fine.

The pain of removing what holds us captive can be frightening. 

Yet if we lay aside all those things that encumber our walk with God, if we strip off the sin that slows us down, as Hebrews 12:1 says, then we find the freedom and healing that come from being reconciled to God.

We no longer have to hobble about in isolation, like the injured seagull, but we can live in communion with God the way we were created to.

When we trust fully in God to help us and refuse to let our pride turn us away from His forgiveness, then He will renew our strength, giving us joy and energy for the tasks ahead.

We will run and not grow weary; we will soar high on wings like eagles.

Sin and despair, like the sea waves cold,

Threaten the soul with infinite loss;

Grace that is greater—yes, grace untold—

Points to the refuge, the mighty cross.

Grace, grace, God’s grace,

Grace that will pardon and cleanse within,

Grace, grace, God’s grace,

Grace that is greater than all our sin!

“Grace Greater Than Our Sin”

Forgiveness is always free. But that doesn’t mean that confession is always easy. Sometimes it is hard. Incredibly hard. It is painful to admit our sins and entrust ourselves to God’s care.” Erwin Lutzer

How do you react when you’re struggling and someone tries to help you?

When you’re tangled up in sin, how do you respond to God?

Why do you think we often turn away from Him?

How do we benefit by letting God and others help us?

What sins, bad habits, or poor choices might be entangling you and keeping you from living with freedom. What could you do this week to throw those off?

It’s a reality—that Jesus is the One who gives us strength. And it can be a heartache—that too often we let ourselves become constrained by sin. That is what can trip us up, distracts us, and keeps us from living well.

When we’re stuck in sin—we don’t have to get stuck in the trap of turning away from Him.

What can turn everything around in the midst of everything—is turning to Him.

You can feel at the edges of things—God reaching out to heal us.


Learn more about Earth Psalms by Francine Rivers at This devotional was originally posted on A Holy Experience.