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6 Classic Bible Storybooks Your Kids Will Love


6 Classic Bible Storybooks Your Kids Will Love

Some of my very earliest memories include rushing into the playroom to grab my fancy Bible for church. My little red My First Bible in Pictures with its blue handle always made me feel so special, like I had a purse or a Bible case like a grown-up. I loved the cheerful little girl on the cover with her rosy cheeks, and I knew she was looking up at Jesus.

When I was a little older, I loved to spend time looking at one of my big, old Bible storybooks. I liked that it was big and heavy, and it made me feel grown up to have a Bible just for me with such classic artwork. It helped me take the stories more seriously. I still loved my Bibles that were more playful, but something about the realistic illustrations drove home that these stories were about people who actually lived.


  1. 100 Bible Stories For Children uses beautiful, traditional art and clear language to teach children ages 5–8 one hundred of the best-loved stories from the Bible, and it includes a ribbon to mark your place. The detailed illustrations will captivate your children as you read with them at bedtime or at Sunday school, and independent readers will return again and again to learn the stories of the heroes of the faith.

  2. Classic Bible Storybook
    A nostalgic collection of more than 120 Bible stories and art taken from Taylor’s Bible Story Book and The Living Bible Story Book.My-First-Bible-In-Pictures
  3. My First Bible in Pictures
    This bestselling classic has sold nearly 2 million copies in more than 90 languages around the world. This repackaged edition contains all the same material as the original—125 of the best-loved stories from the Bible, retold in simple words by Kenneth N. Taylor.                                                                                          A-Child's-First-Bible
  4. A Child’s First Bible
    Young children will love this beautifully illustrated first Bible, perfect for taking to church or using at home. A Child’s First Bible is a collection of 125 of the most familiar Bible passages from both the Old and New Testaments.                                                                                                                                                        Family-Time-Bible-In-Pictures
  5. Family-Time Bible in Pictures
    This collection of 128 classic Bible stories makes it easy for parents to teach young children the best-loved stories of Scripture.                                                                                                                                                 The-One-Year-Bible-For-Children
  6. The One Year Bible For Children
    This devotional in The One Year line for families with children ages 5–8 combines beautiful four-color illustrations with skilled writing from bestselling author Gil Beers.

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