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This Month in Tyndale History: July Edition

As we continue our year long 50th anniversary celebration, be sure to check out our special 50th Anniversary page on our main site – www.tyndale.com/50th. You can share your own Tyndale memory or enter our special 50th Anniversary giveaway.

Here’s some notable Tyndale July events over the past 50 years.

July 1962  

Tyndale House Publishers is launched with the publication of Living Letters.  Ken Taylor is still director of Moody Literature Mission, but he rents half of a standard ten-foot booth at the Christian Booksellers Association Convention in Chicago for Tyndale House. The company is named after William Tyndale, who translated the Bible into English in the 1520s. Tyndale House operates out of the Taylors’ dining room in Wheaton, IL.

July 1971

The Living Bible is published in one volume with a green padded cover. It is co-published with Doubleday in order to maximize distribution through the general market.

July 1996 

Exactly 25 years after the publication of The Living Bible, Tyndale House launches the Holy Bible, New Living Translation (NLT). This revision of The Living Bible was prepared over a period of seven years by a group of 90 top Greek and Hebrew scholars. Within the first several months, five complete editions are in print (Deluxe Text, The One Year Bible, the Life Application Study Bible, the TouchPoint Bible, and the New Believer’s Bible).


July 2004

The second-edition text of the New Living Translation is launched. It reflects a substantial revision of the wording—a process that was initiated by the BTC in Oct 1996. Since there are so many printings of the first edition, the second edition is published without fanfare. It will take at least five years for all first-edition inventory to be replaced with second edition.


Tyndale’s 50th Anniversary: Great Moments in Tyndale History

This photo was taken in 1971 with Dr. Taylor presenting the 1st copy of The Living Bible to Billy Graham at the Oakland-Alameda County Crusade.

The significance of presenting TLB to Dr. Graham is that in the Fall of 1963, Billy Graham used the paperback edition of Living Letters as a television premium for his crusades. In all, more than 600,000 copies of Living Letters were sent to viewers. In the years that followed, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association used hundreds of thousands of each of the subsequent books in the Living series. His endorsement and publicity significantly launched Living Letters and the whole concept of a paraphrased Bible.

This Month in Tyndale History: January Edition

2012 is Tyndale’s 50th year in business, to celebrate we’ll be doing a variety of things throughout the year including introducing today’s monthly blog feature.

This Month in Tyndale History will take a look back in time at the notable events that happened in Tyndale’s history by month.

Here are some notable January events from Tyndale’s history:


An 11,000 square foot warehouse is added to the building at Tyndale’s first Carol Stream, IL location (located behind the current building), to facilitate fulfillment of the huge sales of The Living Bible.



The Tyndale Bookstore is opened in Fox Valley Center, Aurora. It is the latest of several bookstores Tyndale opened in the Chicagoland area. A little over five years after the Fox Valley store opens, it and two other local stores are sold to Zondervan.




The Rise of Babylon, by Charles Dyer, is rushed into print prior to the January 15 deadline set by the United Nations for Iraq to pull out of Kuwait.  By the end of the February, 375,000 copies are sold.