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Goodreads February Fiction Book Giveaways

Hello, fiction fans! A quick post for a Monday afternoon. Are you a Goodreads user? Don’t miss out on three great Tyndale fiction books being given away for FREE right now. Click the links below to go to the product page to enter for each title.

Enter to win The Sentinels of Andersonville by Tracy Groot

Enter to win It Had to Be You by Susan May Warren

Enter to win Claiming Mariah by Pam Hillman

Good luck, and check back on the blog on Wednesday for the February edition of What’s Happening Wednesday.

Happy Monday!

Tweet: Great reads from @SusanMayWarren @PamHillman @TracyGroot! Hope I win the @Goodreads #bookgiveaways!

Tweet: Great reads from @SusanMayWarren @PamHillman @TracyGroot! Hope I win the @Goodreads #bookgiveaways!

Tyndale Fiction- Do You Love Fiction? Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day! Last fiction post, we chatted about genre preference; how can you pick just one?!

To address this conundrum, we thought we’d provide you with the perfect questions to help you reach your reading nirvana. Look below to determine which novels you should try this spring.


So, where’d you end up? Are you feeling the love in chilly Minnesota with It Had to Be You, or are you curled up with nostalgic memories in Just 18 Summers? Is your pulse pounding as you try to carry out a daring plan in The Auschwitz Escape, or are you running around the ER in Life Support? No matter where you ended up, it’s a great read!

In need of a romantic read today?


Suggested titles:

Take a Chance on Me

It Had to Be You

Trauma Plan

Rescue Team

Life Support (Available for preorder)

Claiming Mariah

All for a Story

Skip Rock Shallows

Bees in the Butterfly Garden


Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below which title you’re thinking of adding to your bookshelf this spring.


Tweet: #TyndaleFiction @Crazy4Fiction helped me pick a new read for Spring!

Tweet: #TyndaleFiction @Crazy4Fiction helped me pick a new read for Spring!

Tweet: Great #ValentinesDay reading suggestions from @Crazy4Fiction!

Tyndale Fiction – What’s Happening Wednesday? ICRS and Christy Awards Edition

Afternoon, readers! This month’s segment of What’s Happening Wednesday centers on the 2013 International Christian Retail Show (ICRS). This past weekend, as many of you may know, publishers, authors, agents, and retailers headed down to St. Louis, Missouri, for ICRS. On the show floor, publishers displayed their new and upcoming titles to retailers from across the globe.

Check out the fiction coming this fall from Tyndale House Publishers.

As participants walked the floor, they could stop by author signings and chat with favorites such as Susan May Warren, Chris Fabry, Randy Singer, and many more fabulous authors.


It’s always fun to see readers and retailers interacting with authors. The show also included booths selling Christian goods and bargain books.


In addition to the retail show, authors, agents, and other publishing professionals gathered Monday night to celebrate excellence in Christian fiction and honor amazing novelists with the Christy Awards. Every year publishers are invited to nominate works they feel exemplify each genre, and it’s our pleasure to take part in this event. Tyndale House Publishers was incredibly blessed to have six titles (five authors) as finalists this year and had the privilege of winning in the following categories:

You Don’t Know Me by Susan May Warren—Contemporary Series, Sequels,

and Novellas

Flame of Resistance by Tracy Groot—Historical

Not in the Heart by Chris Fabry—Contemporary Standalone

Please visit the Christy Awards official website  for the full list of 2013 winners.

Retail shows are an engaging and fun part of the publishing world. It’s great for authors and publishers to take in what others in the industry are producing and to have a chance to chat and meet other Christian book lovers!

Have you read any of this year’s Christy Award winners? We would love to hear from you in the comments.

E-Book Deal Alert: Take a Chance on Me

Take a Chance on Me


For a limited time, you can download Susan May Warren’s, Take a Chance on Me, a Christiansen Family novel, for $3.99! This offer ends on 5/25/13.

What’s it about?  When Ivy Madison bids on Derek Christiansen at a charity bachelor auction, she has no idea she is bidding on a widower for whose wife’s death Ivy is indirectly responsible. All Ivy knows is that the Christiansen family could be the family she’s always dreamed about.

Who should read it?  People who would like to move to Deep Haven, people who like romantic stories, people who might just have that ABBA song stuck in their heads

What should you read when you’re done with this? For another story set in Deep Haven, check out Susan May Warren’s My Foolish Heart. If you’re looking for another contemporary romance, check out Gina Holmes’ Dry as Rain.


Click here to see all our current ebook deals!

Happy Mother’s Day! – A Note from Author Susan May Warren

As you take time to celebrate motherhood this weekend, dear readers, here are some thoughts about motherly love from acclaimed author Susan May Warren.


As I write this, my eldest son is on his way home from college, having finished his last classes, preparing for finals . . . and then graduation.

It seems like yesterday that I was holding him in my arms, hoping and praying so much for him, longing that he never make my mistakes, that he have an amazing, love-filled life. But it never works out quite that way, does it? Because on the way to adulthood, children make mistakes, break our hearts, and the challenge is when to reach out to catch them and when to let them fall. Being a parent is dangerously wonderful, breathtaking and terrifying.

As I wrote Take a Chance on Me, and as I’m working on the rest of the collection, I realized the thread that weaves through these stories is the hope Ingrid Christiansen has for each of her children. Her hope—and belief—in her children is written in a letter at the beginning of each book. It’s a prayer, really. The words she longs to speak to her son, even though he can’t hear her.


My dearest Darek,

Even as I write this letter, I know I’ll tuck it away; the words on it are more of a prayer, meant for the Lord more than you. Or maybe, in the scribbling upon this journal page, the words might somehow find your heart, a cry that extends across the bond of mother and child.

The firstborn child is always the one who solves the mystery of parenthood. Before I had you, I watched other mothers and wondered at the bond between a child and a parent, the strength of it, the power to mold a woman, making her put all hopes and wishes into this tiny bundle of life that she had the responsibility to raise.

It’s an awe-filled, wonderful, terrifying act to have a child, for you suddenly wear your heart on the outside of your body. You risk a little more each day as he wanders from your arms into the world. You, Darek, were no protector of my heart. You were born with a willfulness, a courage, and a bent toward adventure that would bring me to the edge of my faith and keep me on my knees. The day I first saw you swinging from that too-enticing oak tree into the lake should have told me that I would be tested.

Your brothers shortened your name to Dare, and you took it to heart. I was never so terrified as the day you came home from Montana, fresh from your first year as a hotshot, feeling your own strength. I knew your future would take you far from Evergreen Lake. I feared it would take you far, also, from your legacy of faith.

Watching your son leave your arms has no comparison to watching him leave God’s. You never seemed to question the beliefs your father and I taught you. Perhaps that is what unsettled me the most, because without questioning, I wondered how there could be true understanding. I held my breath against the day when it would happen—life would shatter you and leave your faith bereft.

And then it did.

It brought you home, in presence if not soul. If it hadn’t been for your son, I might have done the unthinkable—stand in our gravel driveway and bar you from returning, from hiding.

Because, my courageous, bold oldest son, that is what you are doing. Hiding. Bitter and dark, you have let guilt and regret destroy your foundation, imprison you, and steal your joy. You may believe you are building a future for your son, but without faith, you have nothing to build it on. Evergreen Resort is not just a place. It’s a legacy. A foundation. A belief.

It’s the best of what I have to give you. That, and my unending prayers that somehow God will destroy those walls you’ve constructed around your heart.

Darek, you have become a mystery to me again. I don’t know how to help free you. Or to restore all you’ve lost. But I believe that if you give God a chance, He will heal your heart. He will give you a future. He will truly lead you home.


Your mother


As I wrote Ingrid’s letter to Darek in Take a Chance on Me, I thought about the times I couldn’t hear God, and I wondered what God’s letter to me might look like. And then I knew. In fact, I have an entire book of God’s letters to me.

This is one of my favorites:

I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself. (Jeremiah 31:3)

It’s the cry of a parent, reaching out, not giving up. Willing to let me fall but standing near enough for me to reach out to him, near enough to help me up.

I pray this Mother’s Day you feel the love of God in your life, the kind that reaches out even when we can’t hear, the kind of love that is just within arm’s reach.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Susie May Warren