The purpose of this page is to provide you with some more information about the Tyndale Facebook app which houses many of our Facebook giveaways.

The most asked question we get when people encounter the Tyndale Facebook app is, “Why does the app ask me for my personal information before I can access it?”

Here’s the message that pops up:

Looking at it is a little scary…why would Tyndale need all that information?

The short answer is, we don’t.

Why is it on there then?

First, let’s talk about Facebook in general. When you singed up for Facebook you agreed to their terms of service. This means all of the things that you are agreeing to share in that above screen shot, you have already agreed to share with Facebook. This is how Facebook is able to know what ads to put on the side of your news feed. They take your basic information and match it up with ads that have been purchased to target people with interests like you.

If we aren’t friends and I log in to Facebook and click on your name I can only see certain things on your profile, these are based on the things you have allowed in your privacy settings. The app is the same way, it can only see the information you have made public on your profile. It’s very easy to adjust your privacy settings, just click on the down arrow in the top right hand corner of your Facebook screen and click on “Privacy Settings”.

What happens if you don’t want to change your privacy settings and you don’t care if the app can see your information? Pretty much nothing. The company that developed the app is call Odyl and they are very trusted and work exclusively with Publishers. The data we see from the app is only used so we can provide a better experience on our Facebook page.

What data can we see?

We can see how well giveaways have done, how many people visited the page, and how many people potentially saw items that were shared across Facebook.

We can also see common page likes. For example, the analytics might tell us that 100 of our fans like a certain author’s page. We can then take that information and create a book giveaway that a lot of people will enjoy.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at Thank you!